Home Health Found a monk in Tak “Covid-19” that has gone viral in one day. 92 sick people. Order to tighten measures – lockdown.

Found a monk in Tak “Covid-19” that has gone viral in one day. 92 sick people. Order to tighten measures – lockdown.

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Covid-19 situation in the district. Found a monk, province. Tak is still going viral in one day. Found 92 infected. The sheriff has ordered strict measures – lockdown. Ready to put a white flag with the words “Covid infected” at home.

On October 20, 64, the epidemic situationCovid-19 In the area of ​​Phop Phra District, province.dry which is an area with many hill tribes and is the location of the shelterrefugeefromFight at Ban Umpiam Khiri Rat Subdistrict, Phop Phra District, still has a serious epidemic.COVID-19 patients 30 people are being treated in the aforementioned shelter area.

while the number of patients Phop Phra District On October 19, 64, just one day.Found 92 patients. 44 were treated at the hospital to meet the monks, 411 were treated at home (Home Isolation), 21 were sent to Mae Sot Hospital, 21 were waiting for the selection to be sent to the hospital, 24 were transferred to the hospital, and 24 were transferred to the refugee camps. Fighting at Ban Umpiam, Khiri Rat Subdistrict, 30 people, 22 deaths, most recently, Mr. Sompong Fungtaweewong, Sheriff found Phra has increased strict measures in the area of ​​protection and lockdown

Mr Sompong said the situation at Phap Phra district was still severe, especiallyBaan Kao Ruam Thai Village No. 5, Ruam Thai Phatthana Subdistrict still worried which the Communicable Disease Committee of Tak Province The order has been closed for more than 10 days, but the epidemic is still spreading. Therefore, a community field hospital was opened for treatment. and treatment at home. In addition, has publicized the voice on the line for the Hmong brothers and sisters of the Sae family to take care of themselves. Including placing a white flag with the word infected with Covid at home so that people in the village can know. or people in the house leave the house Villagers see them and they will notify the authorities. related action


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