Found a woman driving into a creek before getting lost in the forest for 2 days. Finally, she survived and hugged her child.

Mr Somsak Watcharatadaphong, Thoen District Sheriff, together with Pol. Col Anek Uma, Superintendent of Investigation (Acting), Thoen Police Station, Lampang, together with Thoen Police Station, Lampang Thoen Branch Police Officers A number of officers held a joint press conference in the case of a 50-year-old woman from Bangkok. Driving a black Honda Accord sedan, lost control and fell into Mae Pa creek, Mae Pa sub-district, Thoen district, Lampang province, on the long leg The incident happened in the middle of the night on November 20, 2022, before disappearing.

The driver was recently found in Mae Phrik Forest Park, Mae Saliam, Mae Thaek Sub-District, Thoen District, Lampang Province, after disappearing for 2 days, by questioning the forest plantation staff. revealed that he had met the young woman mentioned above in a tired state had surged out of the forest I have now given food. and the driver had already met his daughter. And the two of them hugged each other, glad that they had survived.

According to enquiries, it was learned that after the victim of the accident drove into Mae Pa Creek, the victim of the accident said that While driving, he fell asleep. Mindfulness opens from the car, up from the creek, then settles down and walks to find a way up to the main road. And keep walking along the road to the Sop Prap area before getting lost in the forest, lying in the forest looking for water from the creek to drink. Meet the staff of Mae Phrik Forest Park – Mae Sariang Ban Sop Kaeng Sop Deg District, Mae Thod Sub-District, Thoen District, Lampang Province, about 8 kilometers from the scene of the accident, before the officers take him to a Police Station Thoen, then Ysbyty Thoen came to pick him up for further examination

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