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Found chocolate frog; ‘Litoria Mira’ presence only in New Guinea!

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A very different new frog species has been discovered off the coast of Australia. The frog, nicknamed the Chocolate Frog, was discovered by Steve Richards, an Australian zoologist and frog specialist at the South Australian Museum. The scientific name of this frog is Litoria myra. Mira in Latin means strange.

This chocolate-colored frog lives in the rugged swamps of the island of New Guinea, which is part of the Australian mainland and is under the jurisdiction of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Richards says this may be why no one has been found for so long. Anyway, Richards got the chocolate frog after an adventurous journey through terrain with crocodiles and giant moose.


Scientists say the chocolate frog belongs to the same family as the green tree frog commonly found in Australia. There is no difference between them except for the shiny chocolate colored skin. But genetically both frogs are on two poles. Breeding between these is also not possible.

Chocolate frogs are about 8 cm in size when fully grown. There are also lavender spots on the back of the head.

Anyway pictures and information of the chocolate frog went viral on social media yesterday. The Harry Potter movie shows Harry getting such a frog. There were a lot of trolls with it.

Steve Richards says the chocolate frog is a complete idiot who does not want to travel through the swamps. Therefore, they are only found on Earth on the island of New Guinea.

English Summary: Scientist Discovers ‘chocolate Frog’ Species In Swampy Terrain Of New Guinea


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