Founded in the old Soviet era, the Russian car “Muscovite” resumed production: standard Chinese cars changed – fast technology – technology changes the future

Established in the old Soviet era, Russian car “Muscovite” resumes production: Chinese cars change standard

According to recent news, Kuai Technology learned from relevant channels that the“Moscow” car factory resumes workand began mass production of the “Moscovite-3” model.

The car is positioned as a small SUV, offering a fuel version and a pure electric version, and its true identity,This is the OEM model of the X4 (fuel vehicle) and E40X (pure electric vehicle) under the Sihao brand of China Jiangqi Group..

According to the plan, the factory will produce four models, including an electric car and a sedan, but the styles of these cars seem to be familiar to domestic consumers, so I will not introduce them one by one here.

Established in the old Soviet era, there is a Russian car

According to the official news, the Moskvich-3 fuel version has two displacements of 1.5T and 1.6T, with a maximum output of 150 horsepower and a peak torque of 210 Nm; It can output a maximum of 150 horsepower and a peak torque of 340 Nm. Refer to Sihao E40X mileage, which is about 420km.

Established in the old Soviet era, there is a Russian car

Kryshkin, project manager of the Russian car factory “Moscovich”: If we consider the current situation of Russian car manufacturers,Restarting production means not only a historic moment, but also the return of car manufacturing in Russia.

Established in the old Soviet era, there is a Russian car

Domestic consumers may not be familiar with Muscovites,This factory was established in 1930 as a car factory in the former Soviet Unionoccupied the leading position in the Russian car industry in the 1970s and 1980s, and was once considered the flagship of the Soviet car manufacturing industry.

However, due to poor management, at the beginning of the 21st century, it was acquired by Renault of France, and the factory’s production line stopped producing “Moskovitch” brand cars since then. In May this year, Renault Motors pulled back from the Russian market.The factory was transferred to the Ministry of the City of Moscow and was later renamed the “Moskovitch” car factory..

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