Four Arrested in Kuwait Bribery Scandal: Bangladeshi Citizen Murder Mystery Solved

Four Arrested in Kuwait Bribery Scandal and Murder Case

Kuwait City:

Authorities have made a breakthrough in the investigation of the murder of a Bangladeshi citizen amidst a bribery scandal, with four individuals now in custody. The Criminal Security Department successfully unraveled the mystery behind the killing, which took place three weeks ago in an under-construction building in the Al Mathla area.

The arrested suspects, hailing from various locations in Kuwait including Khaitan, Wafra, Jalib, and Al-Matla, are believed to be connected to the murder. However, one individual managed to escape, evading apprehension. Law enforcement agencies are currently intensifying their efforts to apprehend the fugitive.

According to investigators, the accused perpetrators confessed to the crime, revealing that their motive was the victim’s refusal to pay a bribe. The victim, tragically, paid with his life for denying the illicit demands.

The breakthrough in the case came following a tip received by the security department, alerting them to a lifeless body within a building in Matla. Swiftly responding to the information, the authorities swiftly arrived at the scene, promptly securing evidence that led to the apprehension of the suspects.

Kuwait City: 4 people have been arrested in a case of killing a Bangladeshi citizen in the bribery scandal in Kuwait. The Criminal Security Department has succeeded in solving the murder mystery of a Bangladeshi citizen who was stabbed to death in a building under construction in the Al Mathla area three weeks ago.

Four accused were arrested. The fifth accused escapes. The investigation department said the search for him continues. The accused admitted that he killed the local man because he refused to pay the bribe. Investigators arrested the suspects from Khaitan, Wafra, Jalib and Al-Matla.

Following a message that the security department received a message that a dead body was inside a building in Matla, the security department arrived at the scene and after the initial steps, they were able to arrest the suspects.

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