Four teams competed to recruit Cha Woo-chan, and Lotte won… ’50 million annual salary earned + option’ [춘추 이슈]

Cha Woo-chan wearing a Lotte outfit (Photo=Sports Chunchu DB)


In the race to recruit a veteran left-handed pitcher, in which four clubs jumped in, the Lotte Giants posted a victory. Left-hander Cha Woo-chan, who was released from LG, wears a Lotte uniform.

Lotte is on December 1st “We recruited left-handed pitcher Cha Woo-chan under the condition of paying an annual salary of 50 million won and a separate option.”publish that

Cha Woo-chan joined the Samsung Lions as a rookie in the second round of the 2006 draft, and developed into the top left-hander in the league with his fastball and variable breaking balls. In 2017, he signed a major free agent contract worth 9.5 billion won in 4 years and moved to LG, and recorded double-digit multipliers for the first three years in a row.

Cha Woo-chan, who appeared in only 18 games due to a shoulder injury in the past 3 years, received a release notice from LG after the season ended.

Cha Woo-chan, who joined the Samsung Lions in the second round in 2006, moved to the LG Twins in 2017 and had 10 wins in three consecutive seasons until 2019. During his 16 seasons, he recorded 112 wins, 79 losses and 32 catches in 457 games.

The club expects that Cha Woo-chan will be able to show a good figure if he uses his long experience as a player, as he has devoted himself to rehabilitation after leaving due to a shoulder injury during the 2021 season.

In particular, as a veteran, he is expected to have a positive influence on young players and become an example. Afterwards, he personally went through rehabilitation training and found a new team, and it is known that four clubs, including Lotte, have shown interest in recruiting Cha Woo-chan. Among them, Lotte, who sent love calls right after the release, caught Cha Woo-chan’s heart.

Lotte, which bolstered its bullpen by recruiting veterans Kim Sang-soo and Yoon Myung-jun this winter, brought in Cha Woo-chan to add experience to the pitching staff. It is evaluated that the mound is expected to play a role to compensate for the lack of experience of the younger pitchers, considering that the mound contains many young fastball pitchers.

An official from Lotte said, “Since Cha Woo-chan has devoted himself to rehabilitation due to a shoulder injury, we expect that he will be able to show a good figure if he uses the experience of his long career as a player. In particular, as a veteran, I expect him to have a positive influence on young players and serve as an example.”

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