Fourteen robberies were suspected in Minneapolis school bus shooting in 2015

In 2015, Ramsey County Attorney's office did not charge criminal charges against Kenneth Walter Lilly – who was allowed to carry his handgun. They found that their use of a deadly force against Lavauntai Broadbent was justified in St. Paul.

On Tuesday, February 5, Lilly, 31, was injured and injured after interstate 35W in Minneapolis, after a murder charge application was issued by an office attorney Hennepin County

Lilly's attorneys, Tom Plunkett and Charles Clippert said in Friday's statement that Lilly had an urban, violent crime in 2015 when he was acting to save his life and the life of a young woman. Members' kidnappings of Shoota Boy Gang & # 39; (SBD), a multi-day crime spray, and a gunpoint woman.

"He does not accept any joy in these events, and he is struggling with the inevitable emotional feeling that continues to tackle acting in some way," continued the statement. "An investigation was carried out, a review of the matter and Mr Lilly was cleared."

The case before

The name of the Broadbent shooter was not previously released.

County Ramsey solicitor responded to Pól's Press Pioneer Friday's inquiry and confirmed that prosecutors reviewed a case in 2015 for Lilly's participation in the Shooting of the Page.

After shooting on the Mississippi River River bluff, police noted that "they were upset and shaken clearly", according to the petitions filed in 2015 by charging Broadbent friends.

Lilly reported that a decorated male went in touch and, from three feet away, he told him. The gunman said to Lilly, "Hide your pockets, (racial epithet)," according to Lilly.

He said (Lilly) he thought he or the woman (he was) lived and so he grabbed his gun and put some play on how the gun, "according to the petitions.

After shooting on Tuesday, Lilly told officials that he wanted the driver of the bus because he was afraid of his safety. But the criminal complaint says that a movie video shows that it has returned to a safe spot before traveling back to the bus to start shooting.

"This is a complicated case," said Plunkett after making Lilly his first court appearance on Friday. "More information will come out of the case. We are grateful that we give us the opportunity and Mr Lilly to complete our investigation, so that we can make a fair job for everyone."

It is not planned to review the 2015 case

Hennepin County prosecutors are aware of the fatal shooting of 2015 and "we will take due care when we go on," said Attorney's office spokesman Chuck Laszewski, Hennepin County.

He asked if County Hennepin's charges would have added any further review on Broadbent shooting, said spokesperson Dennis Gerhardstein, Ramsey County, unexpectedly said if there was no new information.

St Paul's police spokeswoman Steve Linders said Friday that the police do not propose to review the Broadbent case.

Lilly & # 39; related & # 39; under a bus driver

On Friday, Plunkett said "Lilly is very concerned about the well-being of the driver and a 8 year old student who was on the bus and" he extends their wishes to them well. " The child was not injured.

Lilly, a security guard, was uniform at the time of shooting this week. He was allowed to carry a gun, with Sir Ramsey's sheriff office suffering, said a prosecutor in court on Friday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Lilly walked in front of a school bus that destroyed his car on I-35W during a snow storm and repeatedly ran through the driver's wind inside the criminal complaint.

His gun rabbits the bus driver's head and hit his left hand. Life of the driver wound was not a threat.

The 78-year-old bus driver said in the Friday statement to KSTP-TV: "The safety of the children on my bus is my first priority and I care for them as they are my own girls. I am grateful No one else was injured. "

Lilly did not face the media after her court appearance on Friday. In the courtroom, he was only asked to state a name, date of birth and address. Judge of County District Hennepin, Peter Cahill, asked Lilly if he had any question and replied, "No, sir."

It was released from Thursday in custody of $ 500,000 with conditions, including that it does not touch the bus driver or have a firearm. This court is the first court in March.

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