‘Fourth Pregnancy’ Joo-ri Jeong, crying at her husband’s last words…”Now what should I do?”

Comedian Jung Joo-ri was sobbing at her husband’s jokes.

On the 18th, Jung Joo-ri posted a picture and a video on her Instagram. In the video, he shed tears, saying, “I’m annoyed. You’re touching. Why come now, what should I do? I’ve been in a relationship and I’ve been doing it since.”

This was an incident that occurred when Jung Joo-ri, who was already pregnant, had to raise four children, but was shocked by the joke that she was not her husband’s ideal type. However, after reconciling with her husband, Jung Joo-ri soon revealed a friendly picture and added, “It’s a married couple…”.

Meanwhile, Jung Ju-ri married her non-celebrity husband, one year younger than her in 2005. They have three sons and are currently pregnant with their fourth child.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team




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