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Control characters from a first-person perspective, such as ‘Apex Legends’, ‘VALORANT’, ‘Counter-Strike’, ‘Call of Duty’, etc.FPSthingfirst person shooterteeth,One of the most played game genres in the worldIsn’t it?
Many titles are free to play, so it’s easy to get started, so it’s not only fun to play, but it’s also widely played in game distribution and e-views. – sports.
There are various FPS titles still being played right now, but the one that is as famous as the title that started in 1997.NINTENDO 64Released in “007 golden eye“I guess.
Play with up to 4 playersI was able to do it, so I believe there are many gamers who learned the fun of playing “GoldenEye 007” back then and decided their current FPS life.
It was a work from over 25 years ago, so even if I wanted to do it again, it would have been difficult.Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13on “Nintendo 64 Switch Online” announced that it will be introduced!
I was waiting for a follow-up report to be submitted in 2023, but before JapanInternational delivery datedecided!

Not just Zelda! Summary of titles announced for “Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13” with lots of big news!

It will be delivered overseas on January 27th!

“Goldeneye 007”abroadin “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online”The distribution starts from Friday, January 27, 2023It has been decided to be
Visually beautifully remasteredIn addition to being done, you can play against up to 4 people not only offlineAlso available onlineSo now you can play with friends you used to play with when it was hard to get together.
And “Goldeneye 007”a Nintendo titleHowever, as announced in Xbox Wire at the same time as the announcement in “Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13”,Xbox Game PassHowever, distribution has been decided, and on the same day as “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online”January 27, 2023 (gold)Submission will begin on!

In terms of distribution on Xbox, which has a particularly large number of users overseas, and Game Pass, which most people probably subscribe to,“GoldenEye 007” Boom Happens AgainIt is very possible!
Well, the bottom lineSubmitted in JapanAs for the official “Nintendo Switch Online + Extra Pack” Japan website, “Rollout in Japan is scheduled for 2023.“And that.

Rollout in Japan is scheduled for 2023
“Nintendo Switch Online + Extra Pack” Official Site.

Regarding distribution on “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online”CERO : Z (18+ only)It seems that the fact that it has become a title
Because it will start distributing abroadBelieve it will be introduced in Japan in the near futureStay tuned for more news!

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