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The military FPS “World War 3 (World War 3 / WW3)” was announced for PC, which is currently undergoing a closed beta test”free open beta” finally starts on September 29th local time. If you have purchased the closed beta package, you can play from the 26th.

“World War 3” open beta finally begins on the 29th (free to join)

It attracts attention as the expected work of a real military FPS『World War 3』. As the title suggests, this work, where you can enjoy modern warfare set in a fake World War III, was published as a free open beta following the ongoing closed beta, but in March, the adjournment

But finally from the official Twitter, thisFree open beta starts September 29thpublished. At the same time, the schedule of events related to the open beta has been released, and sales items are also underway.

Open Beta is available through Steam and MY.GAMES.

WW3 Open Beta Dates and Related Events

In conjunction with this open beta, we will be holding events for new players as well as closed beta players on the following dates:

Open beta event schedule
  • September 23-26:server maintenance
  • September 26-28: head start
    • Players who have purchased a paid Closed Beta Pack or Veteran Pack can take advantage of this Headstart period.Join Open Beta 3 Days Early
  • September 29th: open beta starts (7:00 pm on the 29th, Japan time)
  • September 26th to October 5th: Twitch Drops event
    • Earn in-game items like the exclusive “Task Force F51” set by watching content creators’ WW3 streams
  • September 26th to October 6th: XP Boost Week
    • To commemorate the open beta, XP earned will be boosted for 10 days from the 26th.

For those already playing, the closed beta will end on September 23rd, so after maintenanceEach progress level resetsPlease note: of coursePurchased items, items earned through Twitch Drops, etc. will remain in your account during Open Beta and Release..

4 closed beta packs now 30% off

The perfect item and battle token for a fresh startclosed beta packageavailable on the official WW3 website and Steam store.Currently30% off sale priceIt is

WW3 Closed Beta PackWW3 Closed Beta Pack
30% Off Various Closed Beta Packages

Beta packs contain different types of items, such as battle passes and skins.PRIVATE PACKAGE(private package)”, “SERGEANT’S PACK(Sergeant’s Pack)”, “LIEUTENANT’S PACK(Multi Tenant Pack)”, “BIG PACKAGE(Big Pack)” for sale, but you can participate in the first start from the 26th regardless of which one you buy.You can join the beta from the 29th without purchase.

The fall of 2022 is full of big FPS titles, but I’m happy to announce that “World War 3” is coming here too. If you are an FPS gamer who loves real military, let’s keep checking “WW3”. (Steam, MY.GAMES)

PTE World War 3 | Reborn “WW3” alpha test Super complete “Japanese voice” Action! Commo Rose Collection[Rhyfel Byd 3 PTE]- EAA

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