France condemns Burkina Faso ‘coup’

The AFP news agency reported. President Amanuel Macron ofFrance said that France has always been clear on its agreement with the West African State Economic Community, condemning this military coup

“Cabore was elected by his people’s democratic vote twice. This action is the latest in a series of military coups. This raises serious concern at a time when West Africa should make the fight against Islamist terrorism a priority,” the French president said.

The statement is in line with the West African State Economic Community. western power and the United Nations, which has condemned Burkina Faso’s military seizure of power. and calling for the release of President Rosh Mark Christian Cabore earlier

Burkina Faso, a former French colony, is one of the five Sahel countries. or the middle of West and North Africa where French soldiers came to help local forces fight jihadist groups Even last year, it had already announced that it would begin to reduce the French forces.

Prior to the seizure of power, civilian presidential orders were violated. Claims that failed to intercept armed groups Later on Monday (24 January 65), a soldier announced the suspension of the constitution. dissolve parliament and government and close borders

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