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November 28, 2021 19:36 PM


France decides to strengthen quarantine measures for contacts of new coronavirus variants

French local time on the 27th decided to strengthen the isolation measures for contacts of the new variant of the new crown strain to prevent the spread of the variant strain.

The French Ministry of Health said on the same day that anyone who is likely to be exposed to confirmed or suspected cases of the “B.1.1.529” new crown variant strain, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against the new crown, should be regarded as “high-risk contacts” and should be treated as “high-risk contacts”. isolation.

Recently, South Africa, Botswana and other countries have reported the discovery of the “B.1.1.529” new crown variant strain. There are many mutations in this strain, causing concern. The World Health Organization named the mutant strain “Omicron” and listed it as a global “variant of concern” for the new coronavirus.

The French health department has not announced the discovery of confirmed cases of the variant strain in France, but confirmed cases have been reported in many neighboring countries of France, such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium and other countries. The French health department is preparing for this in order to respond. Some experts believe that the possibility of confirmed cases of new variant strains in France is very high.

Official French data show that there were 37,218 new confirmed cases in a single day in France on the 27th, a record high in the past seven months; the total number of confirmed cases was 7,588,400. The cumulative number of deaths in France is now 118,810, with 34 new deaths. The number of hospitalized patients with the new crown in France is now 9,271; the number of severely ill patients is 1,617.



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