France extends mandatory covid testing for people coming from China until February 15 France extends mandatory covid testing for travelers from China until February 15

Paris: France has extended the mandatory covid test for those coming from China until February 15. The government issued an order in this regard on Saturday. The steps are taken considering the current covid situation in China. Earlier it was decided to carry out a mandatory covid test until January 31.

On December 30, the government ordered that those over the age of 11 coming from China to France should present a Covid-negative certificate 48 hours before travel. According to the order, people over six years of age must wear a mask on the plane and people who test positive for Covid-19 must self-monitor.

After the zero covid policy was relaxed, the spread of covid in China was severe. Subsequently, countries including France made the RTPCR test mandatory for travelers coming from China. Apart from France, Britain, Spain, South Korea and Israel have also imposed restrictions on travelers from China.

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