France has hit a new record, with a maximum of 32,427 infections.


France’s public health agency finds 32,427 people infected with COVID-19 daily, setting a record high in a single day.

News reports state that Public Health OfficeFranceReported on Saturday that Found an infected personCOVID-19 (Covid-19) with 32,427 cases in the past 24 hours Hit the record for the highest increase in one day again. The previous record high was 30,621 on Thursday.

While the number of infected people has accumulated since the outbreak in the country. Last at 867,197, the death toll reached 33,392, an increase of 90 from Friday.Over the past seven days, 7,198 more hospitalized patients, of which 1,269 were critically ill. Case

However, the health office stated that The outbreak among the elderly is still high. This indicates that the number of hospitalizations and deaths will increase over the coming weeks.

To block the rapid spread of the virus The French government has declared a state of emergency.public health Effective from the last Saturday. And announcedcurfewFrom 9 PM – 6 AM in 9 major cities starting at midnight on Friday.

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