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Original title: France launches large-scale operation to combat extremist teacher murder case investigation continues

France is currently taking large-scale actions to combat extremism. At the same time, the investigation into the murder of teachers in the suburbs of Paris is still ongoing.

French Interior Minister Darmanin stated on the 19th that French police conducted a raid on the residences of dozens of people suspected of extremism that day. He said that the raid on the day was designed to show the outside world that the “enemy of the Republic” will not get a minute’s respite.

Dalmanin also said that France is conducting about 80 investigations into online hate speech, especially whether certain religious groups should be dissolved after being accused of inciting violence and hatred. He revealed that relevant police investigations are ongoing, involving dozens of people.

French officials are also discussing whether to deport the 231 foreigners with terrorist and religious extremist tendencies on the government watch list. It is not clear whether the police raid on the 19th is related to this.

According to the police report, Samuel Patty, a history teacher in the town of Conflans-Saint Honorina in the Yvelines outskirts of Paris, was beheaded to death on the 16th; the suspect was shot dead by the police for resisting arrest. According to preliminary investigations, the suspect was born in 2002 and is from Chechnya, Russia. He had lived in the northwestern suburbs of Paris. The intelligence agency did not know about him before the incident.

This case caused a strong response in France. Tens of thousands of people held rallies in Paris and other places. French politicians also expressed their views on this, condemning extremism and terrorist acts. French President Macron received Patty’s family at the Presidential Palace on the 19th and expressed condolences to them.

Darmanin said that the investigation of the case is still ongoing, and the investigation revealed that there are other extremists involved in the case. The intelligence department is also investigating evidence such as notes left by the persons involved. At present, 11 people have been arrested by the police for suspected involvement. (Finish)

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