Francis Ngannou calls Tyson Fury a cheater ahead of their October 28 clash

Pressure is mounting as the boxing fight between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury approaches. Ngannou, accused Fury of cheating, adding further tension to their upcoming meeting in Saudi Arabia on October 28.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Ngannou expressed his concerns regarding Fury’s gloves. “He’s very smart with his gloves, I think he’s cheating,” Ngannou said, adding that he asked for every glove to be checked before the fight. “Maybe it’s not true, but we have to check. We have nothing to lose by double-checking.”

Fury has been accused of cheating by several opponents in the past, including Deontay Wilder and Derek Chisora. These accusations add a layer of controversy to an already highly anticipated fight.

This highly anticipated fight marks a turning point for Francis Ngannou, former UFC heavyweight world champion, who has decided to take on the ruthless Tyson Fury in English boxing. Ngannou, nicknamed “The Predator”, is known for his devastating punching power and aggression in the ring. For this major challenge, he called on boxing legend Mike Tyson to coach him. The combination of these two forces of nature promises an unforgettable spectacle. The sports world is eagerly waiting to see how Ngannou, with the help of Tyson, will take on and perhaps dethrone the formidable Fury.