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POLITICS – He changed his mind. Franck Dubosc, one of the first public figures in the entertainment world, openly supported the protest movement that shook France for almost a month, just returned his vest. In a video -visually shot on Thursday, December 6 in Switzerland- published on the networks, we see the comedian and the comedian, in full session of autographs, expressly regrets his initial support. While an admirer asks him to accept being the sponsor of a social movement program, his answer is "certainly not". "The yellow vests are in the past, sir," says how you can see in a version of the video posted on Twitter, originally available on a movement page. Franklin Dubosc no longer admits
– Megan Flesh 🗯️ (@MeganFlesh) December 7, 2018"You are too hateful too snoring, to release," he added to the address of the person who asked him questions. And when he asks him if he is afraid of what will happen, Franck Dubosc replied: "I am like everything French." A rather surprising turn, especially when the "Camping" actor explained on the plate of "Diario" Monday, December 3: "But what do the artists do? They are helpless (…) I just wanted to say, like that I tell my mother and my sister that they are also in need, often, I understand you, I am looking for what to do and when we see someone who suffers, we want to take her hand. "In a video posted on her Facebook account she promised a few days before Yellow vests to "talk with friends" to find a solution. Video deleted since then. See also on The HuffPost:
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