Frank Clark's Seahawks trade for Kansas City Chiefs makes for a package including a first round 2019 pick

Simply put, Frank Clark wanted more than the Seahawks who were willing to pay.

When the Commanders of Kansas City came to call with a bid that surprised some around the league in so far as it gave to Seattle, the decision for the Seahawks was easy.

And when the discussion was held on Tuesday, Clark was going to Kansas City in exchange for a package containing the first round of the 2019 of the Chief Executive, the second round of 2020 and a third-round 2019 swap and Clark getting a new contract that makes it is the third highest defensive player paid in the NFL.

The discussion means that Seattle is choosing numbers 21, 29, 92, 124 and 159 in the draft of this weekend as well as 12 picking in 2020 – his seven, the second round from the Chiefs (that is, the two picks). Kansas City in that round round, and what is considered to be four compensatory pick to lose free agents this year.

In March, the Seahawks added a franchise tag to Clark which would pay $ 17.1 million for the 2019 season, and prevented him from being a free and unrestricted agent.

However, he needed a long-term discussion and did not close both sides. Negotiations on a stop meant that the Seahawks got out of the idea that Clark was playing the season on the tag, but he probably wouldn't sign and report until September with both sides not being able to speak again to until after the season, against the NFL rules. As the days passed, that idea was less sweet – the experience of Earl Thomas of the last season was still fresh on everyone's mind.

And to stop contract negotiations – it was considered that Clark wanted to deal with about $ 21 million per season given by Dallas to DeMarcus Lawrence recently – Seattle was taking a trade for Clark, and the CEOs were with 24 hours past hour. it emerged as a legitimate trading partner. The Colts and Jets were also interested, and one reported that the Jets were happy to swap first swap picks – giving up the number pick for Clark and Seattle at number three at 21.

The third option might be the best thing, but the Seahawks prefer to have two first round pick instead of improving their overall position with one, especially in the world crime was like defense defenders, and Seattle now wants Clark to replace. The second round picking key was also important.

Not only did the CEOs pull out the trade but they gave the kind of contract that Seattle didn't want for Clark – a five-year contract worth $ 105.5 million, and a little more than Lawrence received, with $ 63.5 million guaranteed, as reported. by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It leaves that more paid to Clark than to any defensive players in the NFL other than the Kears' Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald, Aaron.

Clark tell Josina Anderson, ESPN, has not surprised the trade as it feels that it is part of Seattle's recent history that players would not walk around for long.

“They had other plans,” said Clark with Anderson. “It went to a point where Seattle used me for everything I had already had for them. At the end of the day it is a business. … Look down history. … When you're playing in Seattle, it's not common for them to have players around them in the long run. It's clear. Obviously… but I am blessed and grateful to be part of their organization. John (Schneider) and Pete (Carroll) (I) drafted back in 2015. He is not able to do something because I knew how I felt about being in Seattle and how I felt about my future, and at the end of the day you did not ignore it. But it's part of the business… and you have to play your cards in this game. ”

Tuesday afternoon later, however, Clark pronunciation more grateful tone towards Seattle on twitter.

“Wherever you go in life, remember to always name something,” says Clark. “Focus on your energy and wait at a pace no matter how many times you can get out of the road. I thank John Schneider and the rest of the organization for believing that I am back in 2015. I always love. We go up! ”

The trade came a day after Schneider, the general manager of the team, declared that the team was attracting bids for Clark and also saying it would be “very challenging” Clark as well as Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed, on they can also be free agents. at the end of the 2019 season.

“This time (of the year), and the trade deadline, there is some speculation about many players, 'Schneider said. “We are involved in many dealings. We are proud of that. We wouldn't do our jobs if we didn't listen to everyone. I get it, people have to speculate this time of year. … We are very proud to have relationships through the league and the understanding that is going on as much as we can. ”

The ESPN report over the weekend said that the Seahawks would require a package of at least a first round option. Some people appeared to have a very good price throughout the league, but in the past 24 or so times reports emerged that a legitimate trade market was developing for Clark, and Seattle will add to his four pick a low level command. the draft NFL 2019, which starts Thursday.

Clark was the first Seattle pick in the 2015 draft, which was taken in the second round at No. 63 from Michigan.

His choice was controversial as Clark was placed in the team in Michigan late in the final season after his investigation of a domestic violence incident. He subsequently pleaded that there was an disorderly charge.

The Seahawks showed confidence at the time that Clark was worth the risk, and he paid off the field, rapidly emerging as one of the best overall players at the team with 10 sacks in the second season in 2016.

He then had the best season in 2018 with 13 sacks and was in four seasons with Seattle, 32 for the last three years.

Clark wanted a new contract to enter the 2018 season, sitting out all of the team's volunteer events and saying ahead of the training camp that he expected to stay in Seattle but he also knew that He went elsewhere to find the big contract he had.

“At the end of the day, I know if I will do my job on the field, whether here or anywhere else, that it will happen,” he said last July. “I've just done my job, and that is my main focus. '

Clark, who turned 26 in June, seemed to answer one big question in 2018 as to whether he could still be productive without opposing offenses while targeting people like Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

That has affected the best career season there, it has only increased its value, not just across the league but in what Clark wanted.

But if there was no prospect of momentum for a new treaty, Seattle coach Pete Carroll had repeatedly spoken about Clark's progress and how the team wanted to secure it. in the future.

In fact, at the NFL together in February, Carroll said, “Frankie will be with us,“ no, ”said Frankie but he is still a very young football player. This year has been a major step in terms of leadership, growth and maturity. It was so clear. I was so proud to see your Frank. He also played great. Frank is a very valuable football player and that's the process we have in the middle and all. I can't tell you how it will go out, but it will be positive for the Seahawks and Frank. ”

But there are several other defensive players at Seattle who must pay – especially the main line manager Bobby Wagner and fight with Jarran Reed – and just Russell Wilson's re-signing to a market that will pay $ 35 million a year from 2020 -2023.

Schneider claimed Monday that he was “very challenging” to try to keep the three of Clark, Wagner and Reed. And the discussions being offered by the CEOs were too attractive.

And while it will be easy for some deal with Wilson's deal as a reason why the Clark Seahawks could not be retained, sources also pointed out that Seattle was not all so pleased to give the kind of dealings he had received from the Leaders. for Clark. .

Chief Executives were encouraged to replace Dee Ford and Justin Houston, who were traded and released, with passport openings and there was some open cap space where plans to extend the receiver were delayed. for a juvenile battery. Basically, Clark comes instead of Ford, with the CEOs as a superior overall player – which means specifically, better against the run. Kansas City is taking up protection and Patrick Mahomes is still on his rookie quarter contract.

Clark Trading meanwhile mean that Seattle loses his best exterior pass, which seemed to have already been a lack of the Seahawks. But it is likely that Seattle will be confident that he can pass a pass or two from the object which is considered to be a deep tip of edge candidates available in this week's draft.

Seattle can use the pick in the next round to make trades to pass a valuer, and he can enter some of the free agents that remain such as Ziggy Ansah and Nick Perry.

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