[Frank Masuzoe]The eyes of the world are on Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia rather than Kishida’s visit to Russia, China’s unstoppable expansion of the power of a President who entered the third term and began to lead the world in diplomacy (1/6) | JBpress (JBpress)

It was the president who entered the third term who began trying to lead the world in diplomacy

President Xi Jinping arrives at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport on March 20. (Photo: Russian Look/Aflo)

(Yoichi Masuzoe: Scholar of International Politics)

Prime Minister Kishida visited Ukraine on March 21, on his way home from India. With this, I managed to give up the “stigma” of being the only G7 leader who has not started in Ukraine.

However, in Japan, the topic focused on Japan’s success at the WBC, and public interest turned to the success of the Japanese team.

In addition, the China-Russia summit was held in Moscow, and the world’s attention was focused on this.

Prime Minister Kishida finally saved face

Prime Minister Kishida held a summit meeting with President Zelensky and pledged to continue providing assistance. This time, he announced that he would contribute $30 million (about ¥4 billion) to support non-lethal equipment and $470 million (about ¥62 billion) in free aid to the energy sector.

Including this aid, Japan has already provided aid of 7.6 billion dollars (about 1 trillion yen). Although it does not stand out compared to the weapons support such as anti-aircraft systems and tanks, it is a contribution that can be highly evaluated even compared to the total US weapons support of about 29.8 billion dollars (about 4 trillion yen ).


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