Franks QB Feeling thinking about a draft NFL, moving from Florida

Franks QB Feeling thinking about a draft NFL, moving from Florida

Florida's up-to-date Florida career of Racing Quarter is around. It's going explore their options in the NFL draft or transfer them to another school for their final eligibility year, announced the junior relaunch of Sunday Instagram.

Franks added his account Instagram:

“Gator Nation, my dream is playing in the University of Florida. Be playing your top program and contribute to winning games. I was lucky enough to meet as many wonderful people as I am here. Trainers, players and fans too. My heart will always be part of the Gator family. The Coach Mullen, the Coach Johnson, meant so much to me and I would like to thank both of them for their trust in me. I would also like to thank Mr Jeremy Foley and Mr Scott Stricklin, who always had my back inside the football facility no matter what. My heart is heavy. Many will be lost. I intend to explore my options for joining the NFL draft or to play my final year elsewhere. Thank you for everyone for believing in my opinion, especially all the colleagues I worked here. When you were a Steelman, always a Steelman. ”

Franks started the fourth quarter before the 2018 season and last year visited 10-3 records. He consolidated his hold on the starting role of entering this season, but suddenly ended his year in the third game of the season when he was he put his ankle (to break) against Kentucky.

Instead of Franks Kyle Trask, a reconstituted junior student, who has a very big season going to him, was wearing a 2,363 yard and 24 of the sides but he was intercepted.

Through the first two-time game this season, Franks spent 698 yards and five of the troubles with three contacts. During his career, he completed 242 of 393 passes for 3,155 yards and 29 with nine interceptions. He also fled for 428 yards and eight landings.

Franks' departure solves the thing that could be a bad situation at a quarterback. The new man of Trask and Redshirt, Emory Jones, will now compete in the spring. His playing time has increased by Jones, the future QB clearly, over the second part of this season, but Trask has held his hold to secure the leading role.

Trask announced last week that he would be returning to his senior season and he is not considering an early departure for the NFL.

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