Frans Nielsen is another Stephen Weiss

When the Detroit Red Wings Frans Nielsen signed, they hoped to make reliable progress, but only half of the billing lived.

Frans Nielsen is another signature of Ken Holland who has struggled with his expectations after joining Detroit Red Wings. We are not to list a complete list of players, but Stephen Weiss is the first player to come to mind immediately.

While we are talking about Stephen Weiss, who has made so much underperformance so that the fans started taking him off as he took the ice in Motown, remember that the face played locally that Located locally for Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Islands League and was born just down the 401 in Toronto, Canada. Weiss was the first six of his time with the Florida Panthers, having achieved a 20-plus score through a straight season and a shy average of 57 points per season during that span.

So what does this with Frans Nielsen? Well, Nielsen signed a similar contract with the Detroit Red Wings after 20 goals and 51 points per season during the last three years with New York islanders before joining the Wings. Nielsen signed a six-year contract in summer 2016 with Detroit worth 31.5 million dollars (5.25 AAV) with a special clause (without trade) Ken Holland attached to it.

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Stephen Weiss signed a very similar deal in summer 2013, three years in advance. It was a five-year commitment with Weiss worth 24.5 million dollars (4.90 AAV) with it, it is estimated that Ken Holland is special to the discussion. Who gets DIDN's clause without trading from the general manager of Detroit Red Wings, Ken Holland?

Not only were their contracts very similar, but the production was not as great. Nielsen is a little better than Weiss but not big enough. In three seasons with the Detroit Red Wings, Nielsen has reached 109 points in 230 games playing as minus -25.

Stephen Weiss did not collect one work in two years and only 29 points were recorded in 78 competitions. Yes, 109 points is much more than 29, but the points per game is not much different, in fact, Nielsen is an average 0.047 points per game and the average of Weiss 0.037.

Both are playing 13 seasons in the NHL, Weiss recorded 423 points in 732 career games and Nielsen's career is still playing out but until today, he recorded 458 points over 836 games. Once again very similar, too similar if you are a fan of Detroit Red Wings.

Weiss has a 52.2% career success rate in the faceoff circle which is better than 48.6% Nielsen. Another terrible state is Chorsi's possession statistic during worthy play; the number above 50% means that the player's staff control the puck more often than not. Last season CF was owned a pathetic% of 45.3% by Nielsen. Her career average is 49.8% and the percentage of Weiss is 49.5%, again similar if you are a fan of the Detroit Red Wings.

The reality is that Stephen Weiss was very hard on fans but he let Nielsen slide down quietly. It is fast becoming a third line with a low ranking and is a fourth line of a good team, but it makes more than 5 million dollars per season for another three seasons if it played with the Detroit quarter. Red Wings with Justin Abdelkader and Darren Helm would be a 13.35 AAV million line per season. It is almost impossible to understand the three dealings; if it does not, they will have nothing on your stomach.

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Frans Nielsen does not need to be more productive but as he grows older I fear that the offense will continue to spin, he will turn 35 years of age on 24 April and scored only 10 goals. last season and minus -7 is 16: 41 TOI every night. The Detroit Red Wings were bought by the Wings but don't expect Nielsen to happen.

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