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In the team that is currently being rebuilt, including the Pistons, Rockets and Thunder, the Magic’s lineup looks more imaginative. In addition to ability and talent, the composition and size of the players are more modern, or in other words: cool.

There are many things to look forward to in the new generation of Hud. Although it has not become a reality yet, many young players have already shown their talents on the court, such as the unprecedented offensive and defensive influence of Bol Bol, the explosive scoring of Paolo Banchero , Stability Wendell Carter Jr., as well as Cole Anthony, Jalen Suggs, etc. Among them, Franz Wagner has the amount of power forward, but the potential value of a big playmaker who can attack and control is the core of the engine and’ the system.

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Just as the Tyrannosaurus prefers the collector’s long attacker, he was also given the “action code: 6 feet 9 inches”. But the Magic’s current lineup is even better. It can almost be said that it is “Operation Code: 6 feet 10 inches” Among the 17 players including two-way contracts, 7 players are taller than 6 feet 10 inches in height, not counting the injuries of Jonathan Isaac, and the other 6 players in the main rotation.

The most talented player in the team is of course Paolo Banchero, the No. 1 pick in the 2022 draft. He even broke the scoring record for rookies at the start of the season. Wendell Carter Jr. is a very solid and reliable center, a healthy Jonathan Isaac has a chance to be a super lock, and Bol Bol is currently playing like we expect the No. 1 pick in 2023, Victor Wembanyama, be similar.

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And Franz Wagner is the least important engine.

In the NBA, flying dunks, dazzling dribbles, long big three-pointers and various non-human technical exhibitions attract people, and they are also indispensable star entertainment in the NBA.

Unlike her companions, Franz Wagner does not have too many advanced movements, extraordinary athletic ability and explosive power, but she is an indispensable part of the integration of magicians.

For most basketball fans, there will be a vague concept that seems simple but is actually full of difficulties. The so-called ability to catch the ball is not a one-finger skill or dribbling skills, but dribbling the ball on purpose; Ability is not a variety of scary or exaggerated skills, but a variety of methods to send the ball to the basket; vision and passing is finding gaps for purposeful delivery.

And every action revolves around a “purpose”, which is also the imagination that Wagner slowly develops in the second season of his career. But what exactly is its purpose?

Compared to the league’s top offensive engine, Wagner isn’t as good as Luka Dončić or Trae Young in half-court battles, has great fire on his own, isn’t as athletic as Ja Morant, and has a shooting level that doesn’t is as good as Steph Curry and Damian Lillard.

The players above are all point guards with the highest usage rate on the team. Wagner is currently second in the Magic’s usage rate, second only to Banchero. According to Cleaning the Glass data, rate Wagner’s 24.7% usage is first among all forwards. The top 15%, around 5% higher than the previous quarter.

The main reason for the sudden increase in usage rate is that the Magic has empowered Wagner to be the ball handler and the decision maker. Although only 4% of the rounds this season are currently in playing point guard directly, he has shown that he is very good at organizing and launching an offense, reliable. Wagner does not hesitate on the court, and will definitely shoot when he has the chance to make his own shot:

On film, Wagner can methodically direct the traffic on the field, including screens, run positions, and then use screens to get an opportunity for errant center Myles Turner. The most important element in the clip is patience. Wagner slowly observes the dynamics of the field and waits for the best opportunity to make a shot.

Wagner’s outside jumper, which was not a strong suit early in his career, has taken more shots per game this season, but his shooting percentage has been poor (30.3%) Wagner’s free throw accuracy is not bad ( 86.3% of his career ), so it can be expected that the outside line will at least be corrected to return to the league average.

Although the number of outside shots has increased, the frequency of Wagner’s attacks on the basket has also increased, from 43% in the previous season to 48%, and his shooting percentage has also increased, from 60% in the previous season to 66% . , The scoring average also rose from 15.2 points in the rookie period to 19.5 points.

The reason why Wagner attacks the basket so efficiently is because he is 6 feet 9 inches tall and has a 7 foot wingspan. Steps, angles to create shooting space.

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