Free agent signs from the lions have been introduced in Detroit

The Detroit Lions made a tremendous shock to start the free agency period, quickly reaching agreements with Trey Flowers, Justin Coleman and Jesse James. On Thursday, they officially signed the three to their contracts and found them in the building for their press conferences. When these meetings took place, it was very interesting to note some of the group's comments on how to connect with the Lions in the Motor City.

James contacted us with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and even took some questions on the drama that Antonio Brown developed and how he feels he can be even better in Detroit. Clear Coleman up his relationship with Darius Slay, and he admitted it is time for him to begin to grind to his valued contract for Detroit. Finally, Flowers acknowledged that the relationship with Matt Patricia may have affected the scales when it was said and that everything was done, even as her daughter wanted to stay with the New England Patriots.

Here's a look at some of the biggest visits from the welcome and introduction of Detroit the three Thursday.

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