Free Apps & Games (Regular Sale) 19 Mar 2023 iPhone, iPad Quick Load

Daily Free Apps and Games iPhone, iPad Presents Battle for Wesnoth and My Diggy Dog 2 Today team collect Worth hundreds of baht, click to load quickly before raising the price.

iPhone, iPad Apps and Games

Battle of Wesnoth Free (Usually $3.99) is a turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Build a mighty army, gradually replacing hardened veterans. Free download from the App Store

Train Surf Rush Runner 3D Free (Regularly $0.99) It’s an endless running game. Swipe to move left or right to avoid hitting trucks, buses, jump or slide to avoid subways. Free download from the App Store

My Dog Diggy 2 Free (regularly $4.99) Two adventurers called Christopher and Clara once traveled the world in search of ancient treasures and the secrets of the universe. They met a cute puppy and gave him a name. Free download from the App Store

QB – free cube story (regularly $2.99) A maze puzzle game with innovative gameplay that will Test your strategic thinking. Roll through all 80 levels to reach every last black cube. Free download from the App Store

Vive le Roi 3 ​​Free (regularly $4.99) It’s a puzzle and waiting game. without chance or rhythm It is based on small puzzles that must be solved by choosing the right stairs on each floor to reach the king and save him from the executioner. Free download from the App Store

Cheap Routes! Free Gift (Usually $3.99) Experience the most colorful and addictive bike racing game with more than 40 neon-themed tracks in 7 locations, perfect for motocross fans and casual players alike. Free download from the App Store

My Home in the City – Playhouse Free Gift (regularly $2.99) Explore your new home in the urban area! play fun city games for kids all day and have fun creating your own stories. Free download from the App Store

▶ How to check which apps are subscribed daily/monthly/yearly and charged or not See details here.

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