Free ride on the domestic network “Apflix”… Netflix scolded by the government office


The National Assembly criticized Netflix. This is because of the controversy over being charged with tax evasion and not paying net usage fees while making huge profits in Korea.

Independent lawmaker Yang Jeong-sook of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee said on the contract with Netflix and LG Uplus on the 23rd in a state-controlled audit of the Korea Communications Commission, “it was decided not to pay network usage fees. There is a criticism that he made a humiliating contract because he was obsessed with it,” he pointed out, “This is why Netflix is ​​called’ApFlix.

In addition, Democratic Party Rep. Jae-il Byun said, “If you use the Internet service provider’s (ISP) network for free, you have no choice but to pass on (costs) to users in the end.” did.

“I will keep in mind and think about various improvement measures,” said Yoo Hwan, head of Netflix Service Korea. “We do not pay the same network usage fees as required by domestic companies in any country in the world. I think we are contributing to our own open connect program” He explained. He replied, “I know that it has contributed to the job creation effect by investing about 800 billion won in domestic content over the past five years,” he said to the point that only 70 people were employed in Korea.

Reporter Lee Hae-jun [email protected]


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