“Free sex service for 30 minutes if you get the vaccine”… Struggling to contain Austria from re-spreading coronavirus

picture explanation[사진 출처 = 데일리메일 캡처]

A brothel in Vienna, Austria, where prostitution is legal, is making headlines by announcing that it is offering free sex services worth 50,000 won to customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 on the spot.

On the 9th (local time), British media Daily Mail reported that ‘Funpalast’, a brothel located in Vienna, Austria, has been inoculating its customers with the Corona 19 vaccine since the 1st. The brothel allowed customers who were vaccinated on the spot to choose a woman and then offered 30 minutes of sex service with the woman to use the ‘sauna club’ for free. The use of the ‘sauna club’ service costs 40 euros (about 54,000 won).

Children under the age of 14 and women under the age of 14 when accompanied by an adult can also be vaccinated at this brothel.

The media quoted an official from the brothel, saying, “I came up with the idea after seeing a decrease in the number of customers due to the low vaccination rate. The number of customers has decreased by nearly 50% due to Corona 19, but we hope that the number of customers will increase again due to the vaccination event.” .

The brothel’s vaccination plan runs through the month of November and is only available from 4 to 10 p.m. every Monday.

Meanwhile, Austrian authorities decided on the 5th to limit the use of convenience facilities such as restaurants, hotels and beauty salons and participation in large-scale events for those who have not completed the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent a rapid surge in new cases of COVID-19 on the 5th. . In Austria, the average number of coronavirus cases in the past week was 635 per 100,000 people.

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