Free-to-play horror “Siren Head: The Horror Experience” released on Steam – become a police officer and investigate the forest where Siren Head is hiding | Game * Spark

Publisher Ironmonger Games announces the free-to-play horror game by Thomas JC Ironmonger.Siren Head: The Horror Experiencewas released on Steam on November 24, 2022.

This work is a monster created by Mr Trevor, a foreign artist.Siren Head“, and various creators have released free-to-play horrors like “Siren Head: Awakening” and “Siren Head: The Siren’s Forest” on Steam.

In this work, the player becomes a police officer and searches for young people who are missing in Windermere forest, aiming to find the young people or discover their property and return to the patrol car.

However, according to legend, a monster lurks in the forest, and the monster is said to attract victims with its siren sound. Such a Windermere forest is dark and silent, and the player will advance from a first-person perspective with a flashlight in hand.

Siren Head: The Horror Experience is free to play on Steam.

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