Freedom of the press is being undermined in India, people are unhappy-Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi | Photo: AFP

Washington: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that press freedom is being weakened in India. He was speaking to reporters in Washington. Rahul said that media freedom plays a vital role in a democracy and there is no need to turn away from criticism. Rahul added that the people of India are not happy and are suffering due to rising prices.

Press freedom in India is weakening day by day. Freedom of the press plays a vital role in a democracy. “What democracy demands is not to turn away from criticism,” said Rahul.

‘I wasn’t ready to believe what I heard around me. That’s why I visited India to get to know the people. None of them were happy. They have openly admitted that problems like price rise and unemployment are affecting them severely,” said Rahul. Rahul Gandhi’s comments were made at a meeting with journalists at the National Press Club in Washington.

Meanwhile, BJP also criticized that Rahul is defaming India by going abroad again.


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