Freesia, who exposed her abs in a short school uniform top, reacted coldly to some female students (video)

An unfavorable gaze is focused on YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song), who is gaining explosive popularity by appearing on Netflix’s entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’.

freesia’s instagram

On the 14th, an article was posted on the online community Pomos saying, ‘Your Cho is cursing Freesia for her clothes’. This post was posted on Yeocho Community Instiz.

Freesia / YouTube
Freesia / YouTube ‘Behind the scenes / BEHIND’
freesia's instagram
freesia’s instagram

On the afternoon of the 13th, Freesia participated in the recording of ‘Knowing Bros’ held at the JTBC Ilsan Studio in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do with Yewon Kang and Youngji Lee. Wearing a cropped-style short school uniform, Freesia drew attention by revealing her strong abs.

Some Instiz members who shared this photo criticized Freesia for sexualizing school uniforms. Their argument was really solid.

Below is a capture of Instiz's comment window
Below is a capture of Instiz’s comment window

One Instiz member claimed, “School uniforms are usually student clothes, but it’s very wrong to reform them to look sexy like that.”

Other members responded similarly. “It’s not tiring to point out these things, it’s natural. If you just wear revealing clothes, nobody says anything. But they get pointed out because of the cropped uniforms.” He said, “I wore Freesia without thinking, but the students see the damage.” raised

Also, there was a member who said, “I don’t know why Freesia is like that about Black Pink’s nurse clothes.”

Meanwhile, Freesia is a popular creator with 1 million subscribers. He appeared as a performer in the Netflix variety show ‘Solo Hell’ and showed an overwhelming presence with a gorgeous appearance and cool personality.

YouTube ‘Free Zia’

He became the final couple with Kim Hyun-joong on the program. Whether the two have developed into real lovers after ‘Solo Hell’ has not revealed any particular position on their current relationship, raising curiosity.

YouTube, behind the scenes / BEHIND




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