Freestanding toilets are close to the urban area and conditions are good. The Kai Tak isolation facility is planned to be converted into a youth dormitory.

Kai Tak Community Isolation Facility

Since the 30th of last month, the government has no longer issued quarantine orders for people diagnosed with the new crown, and community quarantine facilities have also been closed one after another Their use is the future has attracted a lot of attention. According to reports, the government plans to convert the community isolation facilities at Kai Tak into youth dormitories, but not all of them.

According to the report, the Kai Tak community isolation facility has independent toilets and is close to the urban area. The conditions are better than other community isolation facilities, so it is more feasible to convert it into a youth dormitory.

The Kai Tak Community Isolation Facility was built using the Modular Construction (MiC) method. It is a four-storey building with lifts providing a total of more than 2,700 units, including large units for multi-person households and also for the disabled The accessible unit of , which was commissioned in August last year. When the Housing Bureau recently introduced the “simple public housing”, the 330 square foot demonstration flats for subdivided flat homes, members of the Legislative Council and the media were also set up at the Kai Tak Community Isolation Facility. , converted from the original isolation units.

In response to the future arrangements for community isolation facilities, Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao said on Tuesday that he had appointed Deputy Financial Secretary Huang Weilun to be in charge of coordinating to ensure Hong Kong has some facilities emergency contingency and at the same time releasing land and reusing isolation facilities in stages. A government source also said a few days ago that they are open to converting the isolation facilities to other uses, including “simple public housing”, and they will cooperate with the deputy secretary to coordinate.

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