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[French Badminton]Li Zhuoyao continued his strong first lap and bravely defeated the world’s “third brother” Antonchen-Tilu Sportsroad

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[Sports News]Li Zhuoyao, who entered the Danish Open semi-finals earlier and rose to a new high of 14 in the world rankings, moved to the French Badminton Open on Tuesday (26th). Defeated the Danish player Antonchen, who is ranked third in the world, to advance. In the second lap, the host player Thomas ROUXEL will be defeated.

Lee Cheuk Yew defeated the top 10 players of the Hong Kong team, Wu Jia Lang and Chinese Taipei Zhou Tiancheng, at the Danish Open last week. Although he lost to the final four Tokyo Olympic champion Ansai Long, he still set the first place. Riding into the top four of the World Tour Super 1000 event, the world ranking has risen from 17th to a new high of 14th. Hong Kong will move to the French Open this week in the Super 750 World Tour, and the first lap will be the world number 3 Dan Antonchen.

Antonchen (Photo: Tilu Database)

Although there is a gap between the rankings and the opponents, Lee Cheuk Yew has also recorded a record of total defeats in the past 3 matches, but the Hong Kong general has played well today. In the first game, Li Zhuoyao took the lead at the start of the game. Although he was overtaken by his opponent by 11:10 and rested, Li Zhuoyao kept the gap within 3 points. In the final stage, he scored 4 points in a row and took the lead and finally won 21:19. The two continued to see in the early part of the second game. Li Zhuoyao scored 7 points in a row when he was behind 7:9, leading by more than 7 points at most. Although Antonchen also chased 5 points in a row afterwards, Hong Kong will maintain the advantage to the end and win 21:19 again, taking the victory in two straight games.

Li Zhuoyao (Photo: Tilu Database)

Lee Cheuk Yew’s opponent in the second lap will be Thomas ROUXEL, the 39th-ranked French player in the world. If he successfully passes another round and advances to the quarter-finals, he may have the opportunity to compete with his teammate Ng Ka Long in the Hong Kong team after the Danish Open. The men’s singles lap event will be held on Thursday. On Wednesday, mixed doubles port “Deng Xie” Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue will play in the mixed doubles first lap event.

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