French Broadcasting “I want Wolverhampton Hwang Eui-jo… Bordeaux other thoughts”

Hwang Ui-jo (30) wants to join Wolverhampton in the English Premier League (EPL). However, the Girondin de Bordeaux club, which is relegated to the French Second Division, does not like the transfer fee.

On the 19th, public broadcaster ‘Radio France’ said, “Hwang Eui-jo and the players’ officials prefer to join Wolverhampton for financial reasons. However, Bordeaux only receives 3 million euros (approx. 4 billion won) and does not include the number of cases where they are sent to other teams.”

The ‘financial reason’ is salary. Among the offers that Hwang Ui-jo received this summer, Wolverhampton has the best salary conditions. ‘Radio France’ said, “However, Bordeaux received a total transfer fee of 5 million euros (6.7 billion won) from Brestois, the French professional football league, last weekend.”

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Bordeaux’s Hwang Eui-jo roars after scoring against Lance in away match 1 of the 2021-22 French professional football league. Hwang Ui-Jo wants a move to Wolverhampton in the English Premier League. Photo=AFPBBNews=News1

Bordeaux accepted Brestua’s 4 million euro (5.4 billion won) option guarantee and offered a 1 million euro (1.3 billion won) option.
There is no reason to transfer Hwang Ui-jo to Wolverhampton, who will only give him 3 million euros.

‘Radio France’ said, “The transfer fee of 4 million + 1 million euros is similar to what was offered by Nottingham Forest, another EPL club. Bordeaux also agreed.” His team wants to send him to Nottingham and Brestua , but Hwang Eui-jo has a different idea.

Wolverhampton went into the top 10 three times in the last four years in Europe’s EPL No.1. The market value of the 2022-23 Premier League squad is also 10th. It is also attractive for Hwang Ui-jo to be able to play with national teammate Hwang Hee-chan (26).

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