French Open-Mukhova 2-0 Pavwa Sabalenka defeats Svitolina to enter semi-finals for first time_Competition_Break_Women’s Singles

Original title: French Open – Mukhova 2-0 Pavwa Sabalenka defeated Svitolina for the first time in the semi-finals

In the early hours of June 7th, Beijing time, the 2023 Grand Slam French Open season continued. In the quarterfinals of the bottom half of the women’s singles, No. 2 seed Sabalenka won in straight sets 6-4/6-4 The player became Ukrainian Svitolina into the French Open women’s singles semi-finals for the first time in her career. In another match, Czech player Mukhova defeated Pavlyuchenkova 7-5/6-2 and reached the Grand Slam women’s singles semi-finals for the second time in her career.

Sabalenka 2-0 Svitolina (6-4/6-4)

The famous Belarusian Sabalenka has risen strongly in the past two seasons. After overcoming double handicaps, she won the first Grand Slam women’s singles championship in her career at the Australian Open this season. Before the French Open, she won Madrid Championship. Sabalenka did not lose a set in the first four rounds of the French Open. In the quarter-finals, her opponent was former finals champion Svitolina. No, two seeded players, had played against each other twice before and won each one game and the game was tied.

In the first set, both quickly found their serve status, and both served in a 40-40 tie, but their opponents could not get a break point opportunity, and each secured the serve to reach a 4 tie. -4. In the crucial ninth game at the end of the match, the quality of Svitolina’s first serve declined, and Sabalenka went all out to attack before launching the second serve. Come down and take advantage of the trend to win the serve and win the match, win the first set 6-4.

In the second set, Svitolina’s serve went into battle for almost 10 minutes in the first game, and Sabalenka had another chance. After Sabalenka double-fault break point in the second game, she backhanded and grabbed the net to lose the game. Svitolina failed to maintain her break point advantage. Sabalenka quickly broke back in the third game, and came the score after securing a service. To tie 2-2. Sabalenka’s condition continued to improve in the crucial fifth game. Svitolina lost the match despite stubbornly saving three break points. After that, Sabalenka kept her break point advantage until the end and won the second set with a 6-4 victory.

In the end, Sabalenka won in straight sets and went to the semi-finals of the French Open for women for the first time in her career. All four Grand Slams have reached the semi-finals. The match lasted 1 hour and 36 minutes. Sabalenka had 1 ACES and 3 double faults, while Svitolina had 3 ACES and 4 double faults. Sabalenka was just behind with a first serve success rate of 59%. Both scored 64% of the first serve. On the winning point, Sabalenka was well ahead 30-7, and on unforced errors 37-12 Sabalenka was well ahead of his opponent. In the break point, Svitolina had a break and took it. Sabalenka It’s 9 break points and 3 cash.

Mukhova 2-0 Pavlyuchenkova (7-5/6-2)

Czech player Mukhova reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open women’s singles once in 2021. Since then, she has suffered abdominal and ankle injuries and has been sidelined for a long time.At one point her world ranking fell from under 200. In the first round of this year’s French Open, Mukhova had a great performance in defeating Sakari. In the quarter-finals, her opponent was Pavlyuchenkova who came second in the French Open 2021. The two played against Mukhova three times before.

In the first set, Mukhova played a more active attack as soon as she came up She continued to seek points from the bottom line. After getting the break point, she broke it short and then joined the forehand attack to break the service. Lovegame secured serve in the second game leading 2-0. In the fifth game, Mukhova wasted 5 break points and used a lot of physical energy, then Pavlyuchenkova broke back to draw 3-3 in the sixth game. At the end of the game, she went into the break again. but then lost her serve She won the match, but won the first set 7-5 with a break and guarantee.

In the second set, Mukhova quickly established an advantage in the opening stage. In the first game, she scored 40-15 consecutive break points on the forehand straight line and broke serve. She completed the second break of serve in the fifth game and continued to serve to win the second set 6-2. Mukhova reached the semifinals of the Grand Slam for the second time in her career. In the match which took 1 hour and 38 minutes, Mukhova had only 1 double fault, while Pavlyuchenkova had 2 ACES goals and 5 double faults. Mukhova won with Errors unenforced 21-16 and data 15-29. In the break tie, Pavlyuchenkova broke serve 2 times with 4 chances, and Mukhova broke serve 5 times with 11 break points.

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