French police arrest 4 students, expecting to point out the target of killing ‘progressive’ teachers


French police 4 students detained, expected to help each other target the attacker to ‘cut the throat’ of the advanced teacher Along the road to the brutal While arresting the suspect There are already 15 radical Muslims in this case.

On 20 Oct. 20, the BBC News Agency The progress report shocked the murder of the French nation. Teacher Samuel Pati, a 47-year-old history teacher, was Mr. Abdullah A (surname not disclosed), a young radical Muslim. An 18-year-old Chechen descendant ‘throat cut’ by stabbing it with a knife and severing his head On the roadside near Bois d’Aulne High School in the Conflanc Saint-Honoree on the edge of Paris on Friday evening, Oct. 17 ago. Before the culprit was shot and killed by the Extraordinary Police while trying to arrest it.

French police have detained four students at a school taught by Teacher Pati. Because these students may help the villain by referring to Teacher Pati that Is the teacher who led the cartoon image of the Prophet Muhammad That had been published in Charlie Ebdo magazine to show students in class. For teaching about freedom of expression



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