French timeline travels to Samui, suffering from COVID-19 after 14 days of detention


French tourists get sick with COVID-19 timeline while traveling to Samui After 14 days of quarantine in ASQ, the results were not detected. Expedite investigation of the disease to find its origin

From a new case of coronavirus infection or COVID-19 in Thailand Was a foreign tourist, French, aged 57 years.

The timeline of such tourists is

  • Traveled from France With a family of 3 on September 30, 2020 with airline TG933
  • Arrived in ASQ, the first COVID-19 test was performed on October 3, 2020 and the results were negative.
  • A second COVID-19 test was performed on Oct. 11, 2020, and the results were negative.
  • 15 Oct 2020 Depart from ASQ to the French Embassy. Then travel to Koh Samui Suratthani With Bangkok Airways, flight PG167 in the afternoon to the airport at Koh Samui. Therefore traveled to the house by a private car Have a friend to pick up
  • 17 Oct. 2020 Began to have fever, cough, phlegm, muscle pain, but found that traveling to the mall And convenience stores near home at Samui
  • 20 October 2020, symptoms began to increase, so I went to the hospital by private car. Admitted to Bangkok Hospital Samui, no fever, temperature 36.2 degrees, then samples were taken for examination. And stay for treatment at the hospital for 1 night
  • On 21 October 2020, the patient left the hospital, and the PCR test found COVID-19. Therefore send samples to confirm at Sor Kor 11 Suratthani
  • 22 Oct. 2020 Results from Sor Kor Sor 11, Surat Thani confirmed COVID-19 infection. Therefore sent to a separate room at Koh Samui Hospital
  • While the test results for the infection of the husband and children traveling together No COVID-19 was detected. As for the test results of friends Pending examination results

Initially, the disease investigation team Sor Kor Kor. 11 and the team of Surat Thani Province Enter the urgent disease investigation area on 22-23 Oct 2020

  • Following up on high-risk people, namely their husbands and children, from a recent test that did not detect the infection.
  • Coordinate travel information for Bangkok Airways, Flight PG167 (Bangkok-Samui) on October 15, 2020 for 12 people to collect samples. There were 10 tourists and 2 crew members.
  • 1 close friend who was picked up at the airport Pending examination results

By this patient There is a chance to become infected in Thailand because it has been detected. After arriving in Thailand for 17 days and testing for infection while in ASQ, no infection was detected. Traveled from france In cities where COVID-19 outbreaks are not detected

However, a thorough investigation of the disease must be collected. And take it for analysis first To conclude that It’s a domestic infection Or infected along the way

The tourists, after issuing the ASQ, wear masks. As well advised

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