Friday Phra Saturn inserted ‘Australian Open’ from ‘Novak Djokovic’ slang

while tennis fans are excited about the Australian Open but it seems that a famous tennis player like Novak Djokovic will probably not be happy with this list. because it’s two years in a row Also this year is something he didn’t even do.

misfortune of Novak Djokovic in the tennis battle Australian Open 2023 The first Grand Slam of the year in Melbourne Australia Happening on Thursday (January 26) appears pictures and clips, Mr. Serdan Djokovic, Novak’s father, took pictures with tennis fans who raised the flag.Russia On the flag is a portrait of President Vladimir. PutinShow with a clip of the incident posted by a pro-Russian Australian on YouTube. The caption read, “Novak Djokovic’s Father Makes a Bold Political Statement.”

Serbian tennis reporters confirmed that The person in the photo is actually Novak’s father. The Melbourne Age newspaper also reported that He speaks in Serbian “Long Live Russia”

not only that On the field, a man who attended Novak’s matches was also seen wearing a screened T-shirt with the symbol Z, which stands for support.war in ukraine

An issue of this magnitude heated up Vasil Miroshnychenko, the ambassador of Ukraine to Australia and New Zealand. you have to come out and claim with the organizersAustralian Open Zherdan is banned from entering the arena. and demanded that Novak apologize in person. and clearly states Russia’s stance against Ukraine’s aggression

For Novak, it fits. “Meat is not eaten. leather unseated hanging bones.” Also open on 6th January. world number one tennis player At that time, he was quarantined in a hotel awaiting deportation to enter Australia without vaccinations. He tried to fight the lawsuit because being deported would mean not competing in this important event. The second day later, the court gave a verdict. Australian Immigration released Novak from the hotel because the immigration officer did not notify him long enough to cancel his visa. Things seemed good, but it turns out that the Minister of Immigration Alex Hawkie Use the power to cancel the Novak visa for the second time, with the reason that It is a decision based on ” Health and orderliness”

In the end, Novak had to be deported from Australia! This year, intending to go further, there was another matter for the father andAmbassador of Ukrainesaid the Australian Last year was all about Djokovic. “Now it’s about the Russian flag and Djokovic.” As it sounds, this tennis player is inevitably wrong. Thus if it is not called “Friday comes in Phra Saturn Inserted” I don’t know what to say. Novak Djokovic He probably won’t be fooled with Australia. Opening is unmistakable I see that the trick must be solved by winning the championship already!!!


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