Friedrich Merz speaks out about hurdles when it comes to gender change

The CDU chairman speaks out against the self-determination law planned by the traffic light. Gender reassignment cannot solve “all the problems in their world.”

The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz has spoken out in favor of clear hurdles in gender reassignment. There is a state mandate to protect children and young people in particular, said Merz on Saturday at the Federal Delegates Day of the Women’s Union in Hanau. It is possible that they thought they could solve “all the problems in their world” with gender reassignment.

It should not be at the discretion of parents and children and possibly courts to “just decide this again and possibly do so almost every year,” said Merz. Gender is not a purely social construct, and it is not arbitrary and freely selectable.

Traffic light wants to simplify gender entry

With a view to the self-determination law planned by the traffic light government, Merz said that there are people who struggle with their sexual identity and are in conflict with state regulations. There are 3,000 or 4,000 per year and the question of how their journey can be made easier must therefore be discussed.

Merz held out the prospect of a push by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on prostitution law in Germany. Women must be protected from the most serious crimes in the area of ​​sexual criminal law as well as from deprivation of liberty and human trafficking.


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