From 2026, Germany will receive 2 million tonnes of LNG from Qatar for 15 years.

Germany, which is pursuing diversification of energy supply and demand due to Russian gas supply disruptions, will receive 2 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) annually from Qatar for 15 years from 2026.

Germany’s Bild and Reuters reported on the 29th (local time) that Qatar Oil and Gas Corporation ‘Qatar Energy’ and US energy company ‘Conoco Phillips’ signed an agreement to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Germany for at least 15 years from 2026. He said he had signed two sales contracts. Conoco Phillips participates in and shares a stake in Northfield’s ‘East Project’, a large-scale gas production industry in Qatar. This contract is also the longest supply contract with Qatar as a European country.

The annual gas supply scale is only 2.8 billion square meters with a maximum of 2 million tons. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave it meaning as “a sign that Germany has many countries to use for gas supply.” He also emphasized that “global issues should not lead to the strengthening of trade barriers in all countries.”

As of 2020, Qatar’s natural gas reserves are the 3rd largest in the world and the 13th largest for oil. It is also the second largest exporter of LNG. Under this contract, ConocoPhillips will supply LNG supplied from Qatar to Germany via Brunsbutel, a port city on the Elbe River, where the North Sea and the German East Sea meet.

Reporter Park Shin-young

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