from a business perspective How important is the location of the office?

from a business perspective How important is the location of the office?

The saying “a good location is half the battle won” is always true. be it a residential project Business shops, restaurants, or even office offices. Choosing an office space Office location for easy access to the target audience Therefore, it is another element that will make a business successful within a short time, as can be seen from doing the same type of business just by choosing different locations. can produce very different results. Today we have a good technique. Let’s leave that in a business perspective. How important is the location of the office What factors should be considered?

3 important factors when choosing an office location

comfortable travel

Time is of the essence for work. If it takes time to travel Or travel to the office, the office is quite difficult. It will waste time and cost. Which of course affects many other things. The next side, therefore, choosing an office location to be in a community area. on the main road There is a variety of public transport to choose from. near the train station near the expressway, easy to find in and out of many routes This will increase business opportunities even more. and positively affects the office in the long term for example Important business areas such as Silom, Sathorn, Asoke or the New CBD area such as Ratchadaphisek. full of many office buildings

complete facilities

Choose an office location in a community, business or economic area Surrounded by shops, restaurants, convenience stores. A coffee shop that combines a lifestyle, a variety of food sources. including being in a neighborhood full of amenities such as shopping malls Banks, hospitals, post offices, residences, etc. because potential locations will increase work efficiency. improve image and credibility which can also meet the needs of doing business in the future

good environment

Another factor that will make the office office efficiency business reliable. That is, the workplace must be located in a good location and environment. Outside and inside, for example, there is a green area. There is plenty of parking space to park easily. can support employees who drive to work Increase convenience for customers or visitors in the office The office has complete utility systems such as meeting rooms, internet systems, CCTV, customer receptions, relaxation corners, etc.

from all of the above It can be seen that the location of the office is very important to running a business, even if the business is successful. There will be many more components. On the other hand, starting from a suitable office location in all aspects will make the office reliable. Increase the confidence of customers or service users

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