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“From December… ” Heartbreaking news for Lotteria enthusiasts

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Lotteria / Yonhap News

Lotteria has announced a price increase for its products.

Lotteria announced on the 24th that it would raise the selling price of products such as burgers and chicken by an average of 4.1% from the 1st of next month.

According to Lotte GRS, which operates Lotteria, price adjustments are applied to 16 kinds of burgers, 17 kinds of set menus, 12 kinds of chickens, 8 kinds of desserts, and 10 kinds of drinks. In addition, the adjusted price increase is equivalent to an average increase of 200 won per item.

Lotteria's Instagram
Lotteria’s Instagram

Lotteria’s popular menu, Bulgogi Burger, will increase from 3,900 won to 4,100 won, and set menus from 5,900 won to 6200 won. The Korean Beef Bulgogi Burger made with domestic Korean beef will be priced from 7,200 won to 7,500 won for a single item, and the set menu will be adjusted from 8,900 won to 9,200 won.

According to Lotte GRS, the price increase was due to an increase in economic costs, such as an increase in the minimum wage, a surge in raw material prices due to the overseas logistics crisis, and an increase in internal and external costs such as increase in logistics fees and delivery platform fees, Lotte GRS said.

Lotteria raised the price once again just 10 months after raising the selling price in February.


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