From drought to untimely heatwave … Nakdong River algae ‘spread’


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Green algae are spreading rapidly in the Nakdong River area as the continuous drought and extreme heat wave overlap.

The first tidal warning this year was issued last week for the upper reaches of Chilgokbo and Gangjeong Goryeongbo, which are water sources.

Correspondent Son Eun-min.

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It is near Seongjudaegyo Bridge located in the middle of the Nakdong River.

The river is all green as if green paint was released.

In Gangjeong Goryeongbo, the source of water supply, a large comb moss worm that feeds on green algae with a strong stench appeared.

The same is true of the grain intake.

The green algae stacked on top of each other to form a belt.

Last week, the first tide warnings of the year were issued for Gangjeong Goryeongbo and Chilgokbo.

The contamination rate of algae is so fast that the number of harmful blue-green algae cells in the water soared 16 times compared to the previous week.

[김미정/대구지방환경청 수질관리과 주무관]

“The increase in water temperature due to the heat and the increase in residence time due to the decrease in precipitation resulted in the proliferation of blue-green algae…”

The Nakdong River is the main source of water for 12 million people in the Yeongnam region, and as a result of a recent environmental group investigation, microcystin, a toxic algae, was detected in crops such as lettuce and radish grown as green algae, raising concerns about algal contamination.

The Daegu Environment Agency decided to install an algae barrier around the water intake port and strengthen water purification treatment and water quality inspection, but environmental groups insist that the floodgates should be opened immediately to allow the river to flow.

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