From Eun-Young’s Report The first regular broadcast of Marriage Hell started with 36 ratings of viewers

Counseling husband who forced his wife to lose weight after giving birth of 30kg

MBC TV’s ‘Oh Eun-Young Report – Marriage Hell’ began, where Dr. Oh Eun-Young provides counseling for problems that occur between couples, broadcast regularly with a rating of 3%.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company on the 20th, ‘O Eun-young Report – Marriage Hell’, which aired at 10:30 pm the previous day, recorded a rating of 3.6%.

‘Eun-Young Oh Report – Marriage Hell’ was originally planned as a 10-part series and aired for the first time in May.

It deals realistically with sensitive topics between the couple, such as pregnancy and childbirth, economics, and sleep, and won the sympathy of viewers, and returned to regular programming after a period of reorganization.

On the previous day’s broadcast, a 24-year-old couple, who said that the couple’s conflict had deepened due to diet, visited Dr. Oh Eun-young.

The problem with the couple’s conflict was the weight of their wife, who gained about 30 kg due to consecutive births.

The husband encouraged his wife to stop eating, and threw the new clothes she bought at home shopping in a rubbish bag saying the size was too small.

My wife said that this urge to diet continued for 20 years, and that she suffered enough to think about an extreme choice because of it.

When my husband asked why he was asking for a diet, he replied that it was 60% for beauty and 40% for health.


He also advised his wife not to whine at all in the future, saying that she should take the lead so that she can succeed on her diet.

Returning to the regular broadcast, ‘Oh Eun-Young Report – Marriage Hell’ will shed light on the concerns of married couples that were not covered in the last broadcast, such as affair, remarriage, alcoholism, and international marriage.

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