From January 2023, a virtual production studio will be opened at Kadokawa Daiei Studio for a limited time | Press release from Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd.

As a result, Kadokawa Daiei Studio will acquire technology that will enable new expressions as a film studio, proceed with the development of VP according to future needs, and begin preparations for providing new services. In addition, we aim to collaborate with KADOKAWA Group game companies and CG / VFX using VPs and using VPs in real events.

Together with Kadokawa Daiei Studios, Sony PCL will actively promote the spread of more practical video production for commercials, dramas, movies, etc., and offer SI studio solutions by using the VP solutions provided by its studios itself to increase.

・ Studio specifications

Address: Kadokawa Daiei Studio Stage C, 6-1-1 Tamagawa, Chofu City, Tokyo
Period: 16 January, 2023 to 31 March 2023
Specifications: Studio area 550 m2 (167 tsubo), height 8.0m, electric capacity 240kw (100V / 200V combined)
Specification: LED Size / W12,160mm x H5,472mm (Resolution: H7,680 x V3,456 pixels)

* Note: A shooting mode that combines a large LED display, camera tracking, and a game engine. A background (virtual background) created mainly by 3DCG is displayed on a large display, and by placing an actual object or person in front of it and re-shooting it with a camera, is it possible to actually shoot in the where projected in the Technology to produce images as

・ Company information

Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd.
【Established】 April 1, 2013
[Prif siop]2-13-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Cynrychiolydd]Daiji Horiuchi, Representative Director
[Disgrifiad busnes]Studio rental business including production art, lighting equipment and post-production equipment

Sony PCL Inc.
【Established】 March 16, 1951
[Prif swyddfa]Meguro Tokyu Building, 2-13-17 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
[Cynrychiolydd]Hideaki Nakamura, President and Representative Director

[Disgrifiad busnes]

Design and production of video/audio and interactive content, planning, production and execution of events and promotions, space design, construction and operation of exhibition facilities and promotional spaces, advertisements, broadcast programs and promotions

video post production

[Ymholiadau gan y wasg ar y mater hwn]
Inquiries about Kadokawa Daiei Studio, such as studio management and operation status
Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd. Sales Representative Kobayashi Kobayashi [email protected]

◆ Inquiries about Sony PCL, such as studio equipment and technical details
Sony PCL Inc. Public Relations Email: [email protected]

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