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From leaking my call logs to eavesdropping… The NIS hacked 40,000 smartphones

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The National Intelligence Service announced on the 7th that about 40,000 smartphones subscribed to domestic mobile carriers were hacked through malicious apps pretending to be financial institutions.

According to the NIS, hacking was done by inducing a hacker organization pretending to be a domestic financial institution to download a fake internet banking app with a smartphone, and then intercepting call logs, text messages, and stored documents when the app was installed.

In particular, the situation of eavesdropping on a call from an infected mobile phone was also caught.

An official from the NIS said, “The hacking attempt is indiscriminately expanding to the general public. As hacking attempts continue, we will disclose the relevant facts to prevent further damage.”

The NIS initiated follow-up measures, such as urgently blocking the spread of the damage in cooperation with related agencies. In cooperation with domestic vaccine companies, it took supplementary measures such as urgently updating the vaccine against malicious codes used for hacking.

In addition, the National Intelligence Service reported that it is focusing on preventing further damage in cooperation with related organizations such as the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and the Financial Security Agency.

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