From “Millionaire’s Pill” to “Charcoal Price” survey, how expensive is each type?


stream”after the rich“It’s not stopping when the Ministry of Energy inviting Thai people to use high efficiency charcoal stove (Billionaire stove) instead of the original brazier because it saves energy or savescharcoalMore than 25-30%, the latest news reports that “charcoal price“In the market, it is becoming more expensive than other types of products.

But whether it’s a general charcoal stove or a “millionaire smokehouse”, if anyone wants to turn to use it instead of using gasthat is expensive. Do not forget that the thing that must be bought together is “charcoal” for cooking

Bangkok online business will take you to explore the “charcoal price” in the market first that What is the price of each type of charcoal during this period? as well as looking for other materials What can be used to replace “charcoal”?

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1. General wood charcoal, price 15-30 baht/kg.

for charcoal used for general cooking Usually produced from hardwoods such as tamarind wood, eucalyptus wood, longan wood, rambutan wood, mangrove wood, etc. for general characteristics. It’s a log-shaped charcoal. Large pieces, small pieces mixed together. Easy to stick. Often sparks burst out. Smell. Lots of smoke. Burns quickly. Quite a large quantity is required each time.

The news team made a phone call tocharcoal plant “Kan Saha Phatthana” Lat Phrao area, Bangkok to inquire about the price of charcoal in front of the factory by the officer at the end of the line (Name-surname reserved) gave information that this month, the wholesale price of wood charcoal was 15 baht per kilogram, increased by 1 baht per kilogram compared to the previous month. by the price of charcoal and charcoal briquettes of the same price The general retail price in the market is expected to be 25 baht per kilogram.

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In addition, from the survey of prices in the market during this period, it was found that general cooking charcoal The retail price has been increased by 5-20 baht, including

  • Small bags (kg.) from the original 15-30 baht per bag, adjusted to 20-35 baht
  • Sacks, originally 150-160 baht per sack, adjusted to 170-180 baht

2. Charcoal briquettes, price 15-30 baht/kg.

Charcoal briquette is an innovation that has been developed from the old charcoal. by using scientific knowledge and modern agriculture Use a higher temperature than conventional charcoal burning. through the extrusion process into hexagonal shaped charcoal and then burned until it turned into charcoal. or another type is Burn the plant waste and then extruded it into charcoal with the binder which is tapioca starch.

Made from agricultural waste materials such as corncobs, rice husks, sawdust, rice straw, bagasse, cassava, water hyacinths, palm shells, cotton, sunflower sludge, etc. The advantages of charcoal briquettes are Provides high heat, no smell, no smoke, lasts 2.5-3 times longer than normal charcoal. not cracked into sparks As for the price surveyed from the market, it was found that it was 15-30 baht per kilogram.

3. Hida charcoal, price 50-85 baht/kg.

It is another kind of charcoal briquette that is found in the market. and online store with a dice shape Made from 100% coconut shell. The advantages are chemical-free, easily ignited, high heat, uniform heat, slow burning, making it usable for a long time. More durable than ordinary charcoal may have a slight smell And there is a little smoke, the price is about 50-85 baht per kilogram.

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4. White charcoal (Binjotan) price 130-200 baht/kg.

White charcoal or Bincho-tan is charcoal that is higher quality than general charcoal. Some of the outer surface of the charcoal is white like ash. The inner charcoal is glossy black and does not stick to your hand and is burned at temperatures above 1000˚C by using a special charcoal furnace. and using specialized incineration techniques Made from eucalyptus wood, tamarind wood, bamboo, etc., commonly used for grilling.

Outstanding features are the carbon content in the charcoal (Fixed Carbon) higher than 88%, clean burning, no volatile substances. High heat, burn for 2.5-4 hours, very little ash. Not cracked, sparks, odorless, smokeless. For the factory price ranges from 65-80 baht per kilogram (mostly sold 10 kilograms or more), but if retailing in an online store, the price will be around 130-200 baht per kilogram.

5. Grilled lava stone, price 300-400 baht/kg.

Volcanic rock, or lava rock, is a rock formed by the cooling of lava flowing out of a volcano. In this era, the aforementioned lava stones are used for cooking grilling dishes. because it has good heat retention properties Therefore, it produces high heat, stays hot for a long time, and also saves fuel. because it can be used repeatedly not burnt out like charcoal

How to use is to heat with charcoal or gas stove. When the stone is fully hot it can be used on the grill with no smoke, no smell, no harmful chemicals. Plus, the porous rock can absorb the oil from the food while grilling. Prices in online stores are around 300-400 baht per kilogram.

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Proofreading….Suree Silawong


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