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From the reputation to the hottest West Malaysia brings more than just an event to Xi’an|Event|Try-News_华商网新闻

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2021 is the fifth year of West Malaysia. From reputation to popularity, it is not only an offline gathering for runners across the country, but also an annual national health event in the ancient city of Xi’an, bringing health and vitality to the city. Inject momentum into economic development.

Five years from trial to second level event

Since the city wall marathon started in 1993, Xi’an has been exposed to marathons, but the “city horse” is a half marathon, and many runners hope that Xi’an will also have a full marathon. To this end, Xi’an began to try to host a full marathon.

The first West Malaysia was held on October 28, 2017. The first West Malaysia was already very hot during the registration period. Excluding some of the elite players who are exempt from the lottery, the half-marathon winning rate was 24.11% and the whole Malaysia 31.47%, almost catching up with the domestic traditional four. Big game. “The pros and cons of a marathon event. Participants have more say than the media responsible for publicity and the onlookers cheering and shouting. Putting aside the press release, West Malaysia has gained a high reputation among the runners. It is on par with well-known domestic marathons such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Yangzhou, which is the highest praise for the organizers.” said a participant of the first West Malaysia.

In this way, the 2017 Xi’an International Marathon won the title of “Most Beautiful Track Feature Race” and “Bronze Medal Race” by the China Athletics Association, and won the Shaanxi Provincial Athletics Association’s Most Influential Award in the same year.

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In 2018 and 2019, the Xi’an International Marathon races one step each year, from a silver medal event of the Chinese Athletics Association to a gold medal event. The official recognition proves that West Malaysia has made great efforts to build the quality and reputation of the event.

The 2020 Xi’an Marathon won the honorary titles of “2020 National Sports Industry Demonstration Project” by the State General Administration of Sports and the national “2020 Top Ten Sports Tourism Boutique Routes”. Among them, Shaanxi only won the “2020 National Sports Industry Demonstration Project” in Shaanxi. Only one.

In 2021, World Athletics will improve the competition rating system, from the original four levels of platinum, gold, silver, and bronze to three “Platinum Elite” events, “Elite Logo” events, and “Signature” events. Level, Xi’an Marathon won the second-level “World Track and Field Elite Label” event.

West Malaysia not only completes city promotion but also brings economic benefits

West Malaysia organizers said that a marathon deeply reflects the historical heritage and modern charm of the host city, and brings a business card effect to a city. In the past five years, West Malaysia has developed more than a pure sports event. It has integrated and matched related industries to drive changes in the city.

Taking 2020 as an example, West Malaysia has created a live game viewing system covering the entire network, IPTV TV, and short videos. The live viewing of the game reached 35.795 million people and the interaction of messages on related platforms reached 354,000 times. Every frame scanned by the camera contains a promotional opportunity for the city; every story behind the screen becomes a marketing opportunity for the city. In 2020, West Malaysia had more than 1036 publicity reports, covering about 99.39 million people.

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In addition, the continuous success of West Malaysia has attracted thousands of participants and spectators. Everyone’s food, housing and transportation will greatly stimulate local consumption. At the same time, the catering industry, hotel industry, transportation industry, etc. All of the industries have obtained huge business opportunities. During the competition period, in addition to the necessary registration fees, other consumption expenditures also account for a larger part, including accommodation, catering, transportation, tourism, shopping, etc., which promote the development of other industries. Every year, a large number of participants come to the ancient city by plane and high-speed rail from all over the country, and the marathon participants also drive the tourism market in Xi’an.

As far as West Malaysia is concerned, there are tens of thousands of participants, more people watching sports competitions, and the relative increase in population flow. The capital attracted by the marathon and the consumption growth in tourism, services, catering, transportation and other industries are undoubtedly increased. It has injected nutrition and power into the prosperity and development of the city, optimized the industrial structure of the city, and increased the consumption of surrounding industries through people’s consumption.

China Business Daily reporter Zhang Chenglong

Source: China Business Network-China Business News

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