FromSoftware’s Malenia Boss Finds a New Challenge in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware, the team behind the popular “Dark Souls” series, has once again created a game that poses a great challenge to players. “Elden’s Ring” introduces an open world design, providing players with various options for exploration and combat. Within the vast world of “Junction,” players will encounter powerful enemies and bosses, and among them, the formidable Malenia wields the legendary “Micaela’s Blade.”

Considered by many as one of the most powerful bosses in FromSoftware’s games, Malenia proves to be an extremely tough opponent. Unlike giant monsters or creatures, humanoid bosses like Malenia are often the most difficult to overcome. Her lightning-fast and hard-to-dodge attacks inflict the “Crimson Corruption” negative condition on players, draining their blood while simultaneously restoring her own health. To make matters even more challenging, when players finally defeat her, Malenia undergoes a transformation, becoming even more powerful in her second stage.

While “Elden’s Ring” offers various combat methods to help players overcome these challenges, such as utilizing magic or summoning assistance, players who face Malenia in “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” have no such options. In a recent mod created by a dedicated fan, Malenia is seamlessly transported to the world of “Sekiro,” offering players a chance to go head-to-head with her using only their skill and wits.

Twitter user KentoAmemiya shared a video demonstrating the “Malenia – Blade of Ashina” mod in action. From the video footage, it is apparent that all of Malenia’s moves, including her signature Mizutori Flurry, have been faithfully recreated in “Sekiro.” To defeat this formidable boss, players must be well-versed in the precise blocking timings of “Sekiro” and execute flawless maneuvers.

Although “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” is often labeled as a “Souls-like” game due to its similar difficulty and challenging combat, it deviates from the formula established by the “Dark Souls” series. Encouraging players to engage in fast-paced, close-quarter combat, “Sekiro” emphasizes precise timing and strategic attacks. When facing an adversary as formidable as Malenia, players must execute perfect blocks, seizing the right moment to deal a fatal blow, or else risk being overwhelmed by her sword.

While fans eagerly await the upcoming DLC expansion for “Elden’s Ring,” titled “Shadow of the Golden Tree,” players can continue to refine their skills and face new challenges with the help of player-created mods.

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“Elden’s Ring” created by FromSoftware’s “Dark Souls” series team, just like their previous works, still has a difficulty that can bring many challenges to players. After introducing the open world design, players can The options for exploring and dealing with enemies have also become more varied. During the adventure in the vast “Junction” world of the game, players have the opportunity to encounter a variety of powerful enemies and Bosses. Among the many challenging bosses in this game, it can be said that the ” Mikaela’s Blade “Malenia is one of the most powerful beings. Now, a modder has managed to move this difficult enemy to another well-received masterpiece “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” created by FromSoftware, giving players the opportunity to start another cross-game with her Cosmic sword Duel.

For most “Elden Ring” players, Malenia’s “Micaela’s Blade” is an extremely powerful enemy, and it is even considered by many fans to be the most powerful in all FromSoftware One of the Bosses games. Just like what many “Dark Souls” players have in mind, compared to some giant monsters or strange creatures, humanoid bosses are usually the hardest enemies to deal with in the game, and certainly Malenia is the hardest one to say this. example. This boss, known as Valkyrie, has extremely fast and hard to dodge attacks. When she hits the player, she will not only accumulate the negative condition “Crimson Corruption” which quickly drains the player of blood, but also restores herself. health. , after finally defeating him, he will transform into a more powerful second stage.

Of course, “Elden’s Ring” provides players with many combat methods that can greatly reduce the difficulty of the challenge, whether it is using long-term magic to gradually weaken her health, or using ashes summon to help, or even ask for help from other players Come and help, and this has created the legend of “Let Me Solo Challenge”. However, when a player transfers Malenia to “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, the player can only fight her from start to finish.

Twitter user KentoAmemiya showed the actual operation of the “Malenia – Blade of Ashina” module in a video. According to the content shown in this game screenshot, except for the boss itself, all the moves including Mizutori Flurry have been moved into “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” almost completely, even the second stage The transitions are also fully reproduced Players may have to be fully familiar with the blocking timing of this game to have a chance to defeat this powerful Boss.

Although players often consider “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, also created by FromSoftware, as a “Souls-like game”, this game breaks the formula of the “Dark Souls” series in many aspects, encouraging players to play with the enemy engaging in fast close combat.Whether it is continuing to block the enemy’s attacks or launching a fierce offensive, it can deliver a fatal blow at the moment when the opponent is off balance , but if he does not seize the right opportunity, he will accumulate himself Finally the unbalanced value was counterattacked by the enemy. When facing an enemy as fierce and powerful as Malenia, every block must be accurate, or he may continue to die miserably under her sword.

FromSoftware has officially announced a few months ago that the “Shadow of the Golden Tree” DLC for “Elden Circle” is in development. Before that, players continued to practice and maintain their skills in “Elden’s Circle” In addition, these are made by players modules can also bring many additional challenges.

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