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[Epoch Times September 07, 2021](Interviews and reports by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning and Zhang Yujie) Violent evictions of residents are taking place in the Xiangjiang Bei’an Community in Beijing. Residents of the community told The Epoch Times that the incident was operated by the government. The officials used “public rental housing” as an excuse to clear out tenants with legal lease contracts and blatantly breached the contract. The criminal security guards used violent violent methods, but the police said that “the Chaoyang District Government has Let it go, the police don’t care.”

Xiangjiang Bei’an Community is located in Cui Gezhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Since 2015, it has sold houses through “rental and sale” and currently has more than 2,000 households. “Selling by rent” means that the developer and the renter sign a lease contract for a period of 20 years. The renter usually pays part or all of the rent at one time. During the contract period, the renter can purchase the property, and the rent paid will offset part of the purchase price.

In August of this year, the residents of Xiangjiang Bei’an Community were told to “retire” on the grounds that the community is a “public rental housing” and “the “sale by rent” violates the regulations.” The Economic Affairs Office of the Cui Gezhuang government set up a “clearance and retreat group,” which was subsequently taken over by the Chaoyang District government. “Security personnel” appeared in the community to violently drive away the residents.

The Epoch Times reporter learned from residents of the community on September 6 that the developers of the community are the three official companies under the Cui Gezhuang of Chaoyang District-the Federation of Agriculture and Industry, Ligen Company, and China Railway. At the time, the official did not state that it was a public rental housing. The lease contract stated that “legitimate lease rights for 20 years, and renewal for free after 20 years.” A clearance was conducted in 2018, and Block D has been emptied.

Residents of the community, Mr. Zhao and Ms. Chen, both told reporters that the lawyer clearly informed the residents that the lease contract is valid. They also stated that the clearance was based on “public rental housing,” but the official was unable to produce documents and no relevant information was published online.

In response to this matter, the Epoch Times reporters successively called Beijing Chaoyang District Government Office, Cui Gezhuang Government Office, Cui Gezhuang Economic Office, Cui Gezhuang Agricultural and Industrial Cooperative Office, as well as a number of staff from the removal team, but some of them were unattended. When answering the phone, some refused to answer or said they did not know.

Residents in the community: demand compensation according to the contract

Regarding the official claim that the compensation will be paid to the owner, Mr. Zhao told the Epoch Times reporter on September 6 that the amount of compensation was neither reasonable nor suspected of breach of contract.

He said: “We asked the people in the clearing group. It is calculated based on the five-year bank deposit interest rate of 3.6% when buying a house in 2015. This is not acceptable to all owners. You say you press An ordinary bank deposit interest rate is used to compensate us. This is completely wrong. At this interest rate, no one will deposit 1 million in the bank, right?”

“Many owners only have this house, and some have recently spent a lot of money on renovations. The compensation they are now given is not even the cost of renovation, and now the house price here is about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per square meter.” He said.

“The lease contract at that time stipulated that the breaching party should compensate the other party with 200% of the amount. However, the Ligen Company and the Clearing and Retirement Team have always emphasized to us that they do not recognize the contract.” Mr. Zhao said, “The contract is that they signed the contract with us. Don’t admit it now? He just doesn’t want to pay us so much money.” “Now they don’t talk about it, they say that’s it.”

“Our current demand is to pay compensation according to the contract.” Mr. Zhao said.

He revealed that in addition to landlords who bought houses by “renting for sale”, there were also tenants in the community, and they also suffered losses. The money is used as a deposit, and another three months’ rent is paid. A few people use quarters or years as a unit.

“Black security guards” violently retreat

Mr. Zhao told reporters that the current situation in the Xiangjiang Bei’an community is that the “security guards” in the community are violently retiring, and the government departments and the police do not care about the matter.

He said: “Now the’security guards’ are using violence, and the methods are very bad. For example, there is a little girl who forced the girl out, then cleared everything in the house and threw it at the door.”

“The security guard set a fire in the corridor and was all captured by the cat’s eye camera of the owner’s house. They pried the cat’s eye from each house and started to check which one had a smart cat’s eye. Was pryed.”

Residents were violently driven away in the Xiangjiang North Bank Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (Microblog screenshot)
Residents were violently driven away in the Xiangjiang North Bank Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (Microblog screenshot)
Violent drive away from Xiangjiang North Bank Community in Chaoyang District, Beijing (microblog screenshot)

Ms. Chen revealed to reporters that in August, the community was set on fire four times. “The black guards lit the garbage in the corridor and they were all recorded. Water and air were often stopped here, and each floor took turns to stop. , And secretly shut down other people’s sluices, doing everything.”

She said: “Violence is happening every day. Yesterday the ambulance took two people away. I don’t know what happened. It’s because they used inferior glue to post posters in the corridor. Many people have asthma. Very sensitive. There was an old lady who refused to let them stick to the door of her house. They didn’t listen at all. The two sides quarreled and the old lady fainted.”

She also said: “They treat us as an extinction of humanity. This afternoon, an old lady in Unit 3 of Block A, who is nearly 80 years old, is deaf and mute and suffering from high blood pressure. The lock was broken, and her wife walked back and couldn’t enter the house. When calling the police, the police at the Cui Gezhuang police station said that the doors of all residents on the north bank of the Xiangjiang River can be nailed or locked by their team at will, regardless of whether the house is out of the house. All major events are taken care of by the clearing team and the police do not care. It is said that the Chaoyang District Government has let go, and the unlocking company is not allowed to open the door or change the lock. If you want to unlock the lock, you should sign an agreement with the working group and give them the house. Just open it.”

Residents: The government wants to use this piece of fat to make a lot of money

Ms. Chen told reporters: “They didn’t even care about our lives and deaths in order to rob the house. The police meant that they were not afraid of life if they had a working group, and there might be a more powerful person behind them. This is a piece of fat, and the land prices around here are relatively high.”

“Now we are going to expel the people. Regardless of whether we hold the right of residence legally or not, they just want to cut your way out, and they are backed by the government. There must be greater forces behind them to support them.”

Ms. Chen also revealed to reporters that in 2018, Block D of the community was retired, but no one has moved in so far. “After they retired, they should arrange for people who need to live in, but they have been vacant. There are particularly many houses of this kind in Beijing. It’s all under the control of the government, and the people have no housing.”

“When they (the government) have no money, they use the sale of houses to take away the money from the people. When the value of the area rises and they want to make money, they use various privileges to blast you away, and they will use the house again.” Say, “You go talk to them (the government). They are well-known old Lai. They are all bad and bad. You said that you are looking for a skin with a tiger. Can you get this skin down? No one believes it now.”

Mr. Zhao also said: “Everyone knows this. In fact, they are colluding with each other, because it can be found from the joint relationship behind the entire enterprise. Both Ligen and Agricultural Industrial and Commercial Corporation belong to enterprises under the township government. The property rights of this piece of land are. It’s agribusiness.”

The Epoch Times reporter called the Cui Gezhuang government hotline (comprehensive office) in Chaoyang District, and the other party said: “Agricultural Industry and Industry Co., Ltd. is a rural collective enterprise in the township. This house belongs to public rental housing. “The contract is not clear.” The person asked the reporter to consult the Economic Affairs Office, refused to provide the phone number of the clearing team, and denied that there was any violent clearing.

The reporter called the Cui Gezhuang Economic Office, and the woman who answered the phone said, “I can’t answer your question.”

The reporter called 8 staff from the clearance group, but 5 did not answer. After the two answered, they refused to answer and hung up the phone. One said, “I am only responsible for signing the contract, and I don’t know about the others.”

When the reporter called the office of Cui Gezhuang Agribusiness Co., Ltd., the other party said that they “don’t know.” The reporter called the Cui Gezhuang government office’s two telephones and the online public telephone of the Chaoyang District government office in Beijing, but no one answered them.

Ms. Chen said that now the information sent by the residents of the community is blocked, and no information can be sent. She said: “As long as we post these contents online, they will be “harmonized”. They will not be able to post them. It means that they have bought all aspects very early. But paper can’t contain the fire. If this continues, the Chaoyang District Government and the Cui Gezhuang Government will pull out a large group of people.”

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