[Front-line interview]Villagers raised the embankment and rescued themselves by destroying the embankment for flood release | Xinzhen Town, Jun County, Hebi City | Qikou Village | Officially destroying the embankment

[Epoch Times News on July 25, 2021](The Epoch Times reporters Gu Xiaohua and Fang Xiao interviewed and reported) In order to resist the flood, the villagers in Qikou Village, Xinzhen Town, Jun County, Hebi City, Henan spent 2 days and 2 nights to raise the river embankment. It was dug up by officials sent by the government. During the conflict between the two sides, the villagers were sprayed with chili water and abandoned. As a result, the village was flooded. Officials blocked news. Recently, the village has been cut off from electricity and water, and has become an island. It is in urgent need of rescue equipment such as drainage pumps. Villagers are crying for help from the outside world.

In addition, a video broadcast on the Internet showed that the Huojia County Dam in Xinxiang, Henan Province broke its embankment, and many people ran for their lives in a hurry, but they had to run on their own legs.

Recently, heavy rains continued in Henan and the government quietly released floods, causing floods in many places. The hardest hit area was also moved from Zhengzhou to Hebi and Xinxiang to the north.

At 22:00 on the evening of July 22, the Xinxiang section of the lower Weihe River broke its embankment; on the morning of July 23, the Hebi section of the Weihe River broke its embankment, and Hou Village and Sinan were flooded. The rescue team filled carts of rocks or even entire trucks into the river, but they were unable to stop the flood. Muye Lake and Dingguo Lake in Xinxiang were all flooded. The channel located to the west of the Weihe River has overflowed its embankment, and many surrounding villages are in danger.

Local victims have been asking for help online, but no rescuers have been seen in the past few days.

Wang Yan (pseudonym), a villager in Qikou Village, Xinzhen Township, Jun County, Hebi City, has left Qikou Village. On July 24, she told the Epoch Times reporter that Xinxiang was flooded by two days of heavy rains on 20 and 21, and Weihui City was also flooded. The water in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang is drained to Weihe and Shanhe, as well as Qihe. Our place where these three rivers meet. We are close to Weihui City, and next to us is Xinxiang City.

She said that (officially) water was released to the Qi River and water to the Wei River. The dams or dykes in Weihui City were broken, collapsed, or dug up by the authorities.

“Now that all is released, the only hope of the villagers is to let the upstream release a little less water, not to release it so fast, and to release it at a lower rate, so that we may still be rescued here. If the upstream continues to release water, the water in our village If we don’t let it go to other places, then we must be (finished).”

“Now many villages are submerged. The first floor of the low-lying buildings of the villagers are basically flooded. Now Weihui City and Junxian County are basically flooded. The grain and grain fields in the ground are all flooded. All are water more than one meter deep.”

Wang Yan said that the water in Weihe River was full, and the villagers started to raise the embankment by 2 meters to prevent the flood from overflowing. Starting on the 21st, the dam has been raised. “Because I heard that there was a flood in Zhengzhou on the 20th. The cadres in the village on the 21st received a notice from the government that there might be a flood of water in the local area, so that the strong men would go to the embankment to watch out. The water level has been rising at night. Villagers Fearing that it could not be prevented, I began to raise the embankment and worked for 2 days. By the early morning of the 23rd, the government sent people to our village and dug up the embankment raised by the villagers.” (she cried and said)

She said that the government sent about five hundred officers and soldiers, “I am telling the truth, but these contents cannot be posted on Douyin.”

Wang Yan said that four to five hundred villagers (including women) guard the river embankment day and night and cannot go home. At 10 o’clock in the evening on the 22nd, officers and soldiers suddenly arrived in the town and arrived at the village at 11 o’clock in the evening to dig up the embankment that the villagers had raised. Seeing that the hard-raised river embankment was about to be dug up by the officers and soldiers, the villagers tried their best to protect and block it.

“Many villagers were there to stop the excavators of the officers and soldiers from digging the embankment, otherwise the village would be flooded. The villagers passed by, and the officers and soldiers sent by the government sprayed pepper water on the villagers’ faces. The villagers fell to the ground, and finally they dug the raised embankment.” “Then we are flooded, and now our entire new town is basically flooded.”

Weihui City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Henan Province and is managed by Xinxiang City. It is located in the north of the Yellow River, at the eastern foot of Taihang, and on the shore of Weishui. It has jurisdiction over 7 towns and 6 townships, 13 towns, 342 administrative villages, and a total population of 500,000. The urban population has a population of 150,000.

The interviewed villager Li Liang (pseudonym) is currently not in the village. He said that there are three to four thousand people in the village. Their place has always been a flood discharge area. This time the officers and soldiers forcibly destroyed the embankment raised by the villagers, and the villagers did not dare to send out videos of the conflict between the two sides.

Li Liang said that the village is in urgent need of pumping water by a drainage machine. The large water in the village is more than one meter high and the low-lying areas are submerged. The village has no water and electricity, and no contact with the outside world. The village is like an island, worrying, and the situation is critical. The villagers have been saving themselves and asking for help from outsiders.

On the morning of July 25, the Epoch Times reporter contacted the head of Qikou Village, and he also briefed the reporter on the above situation.

At present, there are still many cities in Henan in crisis, including Xinxiang, Huixian, Anyang and Hebi. Large areas of villages and towns were flooded, water and electricity were cut off, and villagers went to the roof to wait for rescue. The official report stated that as of 15:00 on July 22, the number of people affected by the disaster in Xinxiang City was 770,000, an increase of 300,000 from the 470,000 counted 17 hours ago.

At 10 a.m. on July 23, the Henan Emergency Management Department’s official Weibo stated that flood drainage rivers in several cities, including Weihe, Xinxiang City, have been dangerously flooded, threatening many counties and cities along the coast.

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