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[Frontline Interview]Nanjing Airport “Grid” Control of Epidemic Spreading | CCP Virus | Shanghai | Sichuan

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[Epoch Times, July 27, 2021](The Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning, Luo Ya, Zhang Yujie interviewed and reported) The Nanjing epidemic has spread to many provinces and cities. Mainland experts admit that its scale is unpredictable. Nanjing mutant virus is a highly homologous virus, causing panic among the people. Citizens in some areas related to the Nanjing epidemic revealed to The Epoch Times on the 27th that their area is under closed control; a Nanjing citizen said that the official has not released specific information and that the Lukou International Airport area is under “grid” monitoring.

On July 26, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province announced that a 32-year-old man was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection on the 25th after returning from Shanghai to Luzhou, Sichuan; this confirmed person was infected with the Delta mutant strain, and the mutation The virus strain is highly homologous to the virus gene of the Nanjing Lukou Airport epidemic, but the person’s disclosed trajectory does not overlap with Nanjing, and the cause of his infection is still to be investigated.

“China News Weekly” published an article on the 27th “Nanjing Airport lost 126 cases of infection experts across the country: the scale of the epidemic is still difficult to predict”, citing the above cases.

The article quoted the analysis of public health experts and stated that the mutant virus that appeared in Nanjing Airport has the characteristics of “strong virus transmission, more adaptable to the human body, fast replication, high body load, slow conversion of patients, long treatment time, and prone to severe illness”. , It is difficult to predict the scale of the epidemic.

Nanjing city officials first notified on July 20 that 9 samples were found to be positive during routine nucleic acid tests conducted by staff at Lukou International Airport. In the next few days, the official number of confirmed diagnoses has exceeded one hundred, and the actual infection situation is unknown. Known infected persons include community residents, college dormitories, individual businesses, taxi drivers, etc., in addition to the family and relatives of the confirmed person.

The Nanjing epidemic has spread to many places

The aforementioned Shanghai epidemic is still confusing. In an interview with Epoch Times reporters on the 27th, a white-collar lady in Shanghai revealed that everyone in the “Hongqiao Junli Holiday Hotel” in Shanghai had been transferred to quarantine on the morning of the 27th.

The woman said with concern: “I don’t know if there are new cases in the quarantine of all personnel in this hotel, and experts also say that the scale of the epidemic (the mutated virus spread from Nanjing) is still difficult to predict.”

According to the woman’s understanding, the above-mentioned confirmed patient who returned to Sichuan from Shanghai had been trained in Shanghai for a week. She heard that there were also cases in the Global Harbor (shopping mall) in Putuo District, Shanghai. Detailed reports related to the epidemic.

According to the current news from the mainland media, the epidemic in Nanjing has spread to five provinces, including Suqian in Jiangsu, Hexian in Anhui, Wuhu in Anhui, Shenyang in Liaoning, Dalian in Liaoning, Zhongshan in Guangdong, Zhuhai in Guangdong, and Mianyang in Sichuan.

Take Mianyang, Sichuan as an example. Mianyang City officials only stated on the 23rd that one new case was added that day and it was related to Nanjing.

An Epoch Times reporter interviewed a resident of Huike Road, Wujia Town, Fucheng District, Mianyang City on the 27th and learned that his area has been closed, roads are completely closed, and shops are closed, but the public does not know whether new cases have been detected.

A staff member of the Renaissance Hotel in Shenyang told the Epoch Times reporter that the confirmed person in Shenyang had been around the hotel, and now the hotel is all closed and can only be opened in August. The specific time has to be notified. He declined to say whether the confirmed person had stayed in the hotel, saying “see official notice.”

An outpatient staff of Wanbei Hospital in Suzhou, Anhui, told the Epoch Times reporter that the hospital was closed for one day on the 26th, and the examination revealed that there were no confirmed cases, but the specifics were unclear. The clinic had been opened on the 27th.

Nanjing outbreak spreads fever, only one person diagnosed has not been vaccinated

Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Nanjing, lives in Lukou Street, Jiangning, next to the Lukou International Airport where the epidemic broke out. He told The Epoch Times reporter on the 27th that there are more than 30 communities in the area, and many residents are airport workers, especially cleaning staff. There are no confirmed cases in his community, but there are confirmed cases in the surrounding communities.

He revealed that the official did not release specific information to the public. “The specific source of the infection has not been announced, and the official has not announced it. The number is increasing by more than 30 cases every day.”

Mr. Zhang said that the most serious epidemic was in the Tongshan Community of Lukou Street. “It is a rural area and the village is full of self-built houses. A large number of people work at the airport. Walk around, it’s easy to spread, and it will be more serious over there.”

According to an interview by Radio Free Asia on the 26th, Ms. Liu, a staff member of the relevant departments of Nanjing Airport, learned that most of the local cases found in Nanjing this time have been vaccinated with two doses of domestic vaccines.

She said: “Most of the people infected in Nanjing this time have been vaccinated, including a detailed list and detailed statistics. Of the 37 people, 36 have received two doses of the vaccine. There have been two. Cases are severely ill. The current situation is that they are all working at the airport, and the people working at the airport have finished the vaccine very early.”

An epidemic broke out in Nanjing, and the whole staff test scene before vaccination reappeared. (Video screenshot)

The community is closed for “grid” control

The Nanjing Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China officially stated that from the 26th, all communities in the city will be strictly controlled. Express delivery and takeaway will not be allowed. Residents of the units with confirmed cases will be quarantined. People in enclosed areas will not leave their homes, and people in enclosed areas will only Can’t get in.

Mr. Zhang said that his community has been sealed for five days.

He said: “There is a road that must be passed in front of our community. If it is closed, it will block the community and cannot enter or exit. Our community is surrounded by self-built houses. There are so many trails in each house. All roads and paths are closed.”

In the Lukou Airport area, the Chinese Communist Party is officially implementing “grid” control, and grid members collect personal information in their jurisdiction.

Mr. Zhang said: “We are all grid division here, how many grids there will be in each community, and in the WeChat group where each grid member is located, all kinds of information are notified through the WeChat group.”

“For example, people who work at an airport will send them a QR code, click the link to enter, and fill in personal information, address, etc., and a special person will come to seal the door for you.” He said.

Mr. Zhang’s residential area has 13 buildings, and more than 100 high-rise buildings and larger residential complexes in the villa area have also been closed.

He also revealed that in communities that are not blocked, only one person can go out to buy things; all the residents in the communities where the confirmed cases and close contacts have been found have been taken away and quarantined. “All airport staff are currently enclosed in their residences and are not allowed to go out,” Mr. Zhang said.

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